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Title: Cousin Josephine (McCarthy?) to McCarthy, John, 1904
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderCousin Josephine (McCarthy?)
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWaltham, Mass., USA
DestinationNewcastle, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMcCarthy, John
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count1004
Genrecorrespondence, Lent, acquaintances, women's independence, commentary on a prayer he sent, inquires about family
Mr. John J. McCarthy
Lower New Castle
Delaneys Office
23 Ash. St. Waltham
Mar. 13, 1904

My Dear Cousin John,
No doubt before this time you think I have forgotten you altogether, but don’t get to
cross at me Johnie, for I have been trying all the week to write to you, but could not seem to
get a chance. I had paper in the shop for two days thinking that I would get time while at any
work, but I did not. And you know this is Lent, and I was to church two evenings last week, I
thought sure I would write friday night after I came home but I was so tired I had all I could do
to get ready for bed. So you see I have not forgotten you, I think of you every day. did you get
that note I sent you In May’s letter. Well Johnie I think spring has come at last all this past week
it has been quite mild and the snow is disappearing fast.
Well: Dear cousin really I don’t know what to write you I have no news, we don’t go any
place except from the boarding house to the shop and back again. Yes, you told me before
about that Delaney girl, I think she had ought to get a good Spanking, I told May what you
thought of her, she says, well, that is a privilege she had, to marry who she wanted to. I
suppose I hadn’t ought to say too much about it, I got to go over the road myself, and don’t
know how I am going to come out, but I hope and trust, not that way. pr say a prayer for me
sometimes will you Johnie, but whatever you do, don’t pray that I will be an “old Maid” for I
don’t want to, ha, ha. So, Mr – is home is he, I should think he will have quite a wait yet till the
mill starts. I wonder if he intends working in New Castle this summer. I think from your letters
you seem to think that the girls are too independent. Well I think they have to be independent,
or they would be walked over a good many times. Of course I know lots of times it is not the
men’s fault, and girls are a little too independent, but still it looks better for the men to give in.
Now about that party you surly do not think it is my place to write. of course if I met him I
would explain things to him, I would be friendly with him, if he wished it, but I don’t think we
are likely to meet for a while, I have no hard feelings for him and hope he does well wherever
he goes. You certainly held out well against Maggie. I suppose you expect her to give in
everytime. Well I don’t blame you, but don’t expect her to humble herself too much. Well this
is an awful foolish letter anyway, but , Oh: Johnie I am all rattled tonight, I don’t Know what I
am writing.
How are you getting on now do you go to Gordons yet, do you ever go out for a drive
now I have not had my drive yet Johnie. I received the prayer you sent me, but I am not saying
it, I think it is the same one as we had home one time, that was got out of a “Sacred Heart”
paper, and a short time after there was a piece in another one of the papers saying that it was
not alright, and I showed it to my friend in the shop she remembered seeing it too, and she said
that the priest spoke of it on the Alter, saying for people not to mind it, it was wrote by some
very religious person who thought they were doing alright but that the church does not allow it.
So you see I have not started to say it. But I thank you just as much for I Know you sent it with a
good Intention. I expect expect you are living awful good now. What are you killing yourself at.
How is your mother & Katie & Uncle Ned and all the rest of your folks. That girl of yours is well
and wishes to be remembered to you, you said you would like to meet her, Well probably you
will some time, she is going home with me when I go, if nothing happens before then, but I
have an Idea that you will be surprised when you do see her, now when you write again I want
you to tell me what you think of her in your own mind, give me a description of what you think
she looks like. she laughed when I told her you were dreaming of her. you must not be so badly
struck as that.
May wishes to be remembered to you. Well Johnie the lady of the house is away for the
evening and she got me to come down stairs and mind the kid. I intended to go to bed at six
o’clock tonight and have a good Sleep for I am tired, but now it is hauling around to nine o’clock
– Well just as I got this far the door bell rang, and they have arrived home, so I will finish my
letter and go to bed. I expect to go to Boston tomorrow afternoon if the boss will let me, and I
expect I will come home good and tired. Well Dear Johnie I have no news worth writing so I will
close my letter for tonight but you must forgive me for keeping you waiting so long and write
soon and send me all the news,

With love and best wishes I now remain your loving cousin Josephine
Bye Bye xxxxxxxxxxxx write soon