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Title: Cousin Josephine (McCarthy?) to McCarthy, John, 1903
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderCousin Josephine (McCarthy?)
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWaltham, Mass., USA
DestinationNewcastle, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMcCarthy, John
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count385
Genrefamily news, cousin May
TranscriptWaltham Mass.
Dec. 9th 1903

My Dear Cousin

I just received your letter Tonight and was glad to hear from you and that you were well,
we are well except for having a cold. It is Just pouring rain tonight so I did not have anything
much to do and thought that I would answer your letter. I was sorry to read of you losing your
net but I hope you will be able to make it up before fishing is over. Well Johnie I must tell you
May knows I got the letter I let her know it was from you before [and] about you asking me not
to let her know. Anyway he was in to the room ahead of me and would have as idea of where
the letter was from. I think she feels hurt on account [damage] not writing to her. She has not
had a letter from them at home for ever as long and of course she feels kind of slighted. I tell
her that they must have wrote and that she did not get it. If I was as long without a letter from
home I should be crazy. May sends her best regards, and wishes to be remembered, she says
she thinks you have forgotten her altogether. By the way I had a letter from Mrs Connoley in
D’town, you know that was where I stayed while I was up there and of course she knew all
about my company. she does not know how we stand now she asked something about him in
one of her other letters but I never told her, I did not think she would mention him again, but
she just told me that he was in the woods in Stanley that [damage] I heard from him since I
stopped writing. In fact it does not bother me very much, I don’t think now that I thought much
of him as I imagined I did
-------{along top of page one}------
with love and best wishes I will again say good bye Now you must write soon and also write to
Bye Bye Johnie
I suppose if Maggie knows I send you a kiss she will be Jealous even if I am your cousin
but I don’t care. so xxxxxxxx