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Title: unknown to a friend, 1903
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
Sender Gender
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religion
OriginMill Bank, N.Brunswick, Canada
Recipienta friend
Recipient Genderunknown
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count396
Genreweather, friends
TranscriptMill Bank Feb 9th

dear old friend

I received your kind and welcome letter the other day and was glad to hear that you are
well and having a good time in Yanky Town I would like to be there we would go over to Skin
Island and see some of the French girls. Well Jack we are having a fine winter we haven’t had a
snow storm for three weeks but we had som pretty frosty weather I was at to dances last week
one up at the ferry at McIntires and one at [Mrs] Lines Miss Macdonald the teacher was asking
for you She is a hell of a tom-boy some of the Boys at the mill had there ass up because they did
not get a bid old Bob is going Home tomorrow he is on the sick list I think he could not eat his
own dirt is moast truble They have a fillow from Chatham his name is Weldon he is a dandy
cook I am sawing Birch am working pretty dam hard George McLean is working with me at the
big striper and will and arch Russell are at the little striper and Jack is at the [richer] Sandy
Cowie is filer and Will Henderson is Boss the pulps factory is getting all the rubbish he will make
a big thing out of that there is a big crowd of girls coming back some night this week to see the mill I haven’t saw many of The people in the settlement lately but I giss they are all Well I expect you no as much about them as I do Well [John I will close] for want of news hoping to hear from you soon again I remain a ever your old Friend J nugent give my best respects to Tommy all so John Sullivan Old Bill Flemming was living with his Sones wife when I borded with him
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There was a fellow by the name of Irving kept a barber shop in old town he was married to a
sister of Flemmings wife or sons wife do you ever see any fellows from hear there is lots of dam
French where you are I no a lot of Bradley fellows Joe [bucks]
Bye Bye
write soon and send me all the news