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Title: McCarthy, Willie to McCarthy, Thomas, 1903
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcCarthy, Willie
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationwood chopper?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNewcastle, N.Brunswick, Canada
DestinationLa Crosse, Wisconsin, USA?
RecipientMcCarthy, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count529
Genrefamily news, wood
TranscriptLower New Castle
January 10th

Dear Brother:

We received your welcome letter last night, and were much pleased to hear of ye
getting along so well. We are all pretty well at present and hope this will find ye in the best of
health. We are having very fine weather here, there was all a little Snow-storm last Saturday
but it is all wanted in the woods. Mr. and Mrs John Sullivan were in last tuesday, and Miss
White, and Miss Katie Doyle gave us a call. Sullivan drank Neds health Please follow on now to
page 3.
Mike and mother were in to see Auntie [Elin] last wednesday, she is pretty well now.
Her and the old man are all alone. Jack is at the mill, it will start on monday. Father and mother
were in to see Bernetta Caroll today, she is pretty poorly keeping the bed most of the time. We
got our flour from the mill on Thursday and mailed ye two papers, two worlds we could not get
any other late paper. Well we got all the rails home and 38 loads of wood, we hauled 10 loads
with the colt. I let her out one evening and father thought she was getting fractious so we took
her back to the woods and brought out a few a few sticks, after the second or third trip she brought pretty good loads, but they did not seem to bodder her Before that she used to try to [rare] sometimes going to water One time after rolling she made a jump and a squeel at me like a Stallion. She is feeling pretty good Now, I think if she got oats and doing nothing she would be pretty wild. The old horse is the same as usual, fat and quite but he is all right. It was Mrs A Russell shop-keeper that was asking about you. Old Mrs Looke has died last Thursday.

January 12th 1903
Well I have not much news for ye this time, Mike and I was in to see Ned yesterday he is
getting along the same as usual He hauled 25 loads of wood but he was not out to town he was
going to go out this week. We had quite a heavy snowstorm last night, it was commencing to
snow when we got home. Ned sent out a letter for ye with us, he say There is a little bloodshed
in Uncle Bills eye yet and he is afraid of the cold. Olive [unclear] is staying with them now, and Willie is there with a cut foot. [marking] We are hauling out the manure now. I think I will have to
bring my letter to a close, We all wish ye a good time.

Dear Brother Tom I will write to you before long I have no news to write this time as willie
told you all that was doing K.C. Mc. take care of yourself they say I am fat this winter I have a
little cold but not very much
Good Bye from your loving brother.

Willie McCarthy.
Please write soon, Sending us all the news.