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Title: unknown to McCarthy, G, 1903
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
Sender Gender
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religion
OriginNewcastle, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMcCarthy, G
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count263
Genre(incomplete) unsteady job, family
TranscriptLower newcastle NB
Feb 5 1903

Mr. G. McCarthy

Well old man it is nearly time that I answered your letter well we are back in the bush
today but I have not worked for ten days I have been down to the valley for several days I had
the pleasure of Seeing your intended she looks fine and plump as a robins breast the folk in the
valley are just as kind and livly as ever I spent the last day and night of January at your fathers
house they are all in good condition then I went back to the mill there are 26 men in all just as
fine fellows as ever were in one crowd I [unclear] been trying to get to the Island but the
Steamers are all Stuck in the ice and I cannot get across the straits so I have to be contented to
wait an until communication opens again I am not able to work nor I donot want to work I have
a chance to go to work at the place that hog used to be in on the Island at [Bricks] the new mill
is doing big chopping of Squarers 2 horses cannot keep her clear at eight [hours] per day and
the boss has Sold all the Slabs to the pulp factory I hear at one dollar per cord I think he never
had such a Chance to pile up the dollars and I am glad for he is using me like a brother since I
took this kink in the guts