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Title: Anstis, Willis to Eddy, Robert, 1838
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderAnstis, Willis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationBathurst Bay, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientEddy, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipprob. Brothers-in-law
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count567
Genrefamily, decease, local economy, inquires about work and family, crops, greetings
TranscriptDr Brother & Sister September 2nd , 1838

I take this favourable opportunity of riting these few lines to you hoping they will find
you and family in good health as this leaves us at present thanks be to God for it. We are sorry to hear of our Sisters death and likewise of your Eldest Daughter which took a great affect of us which Lydia is very ill [borne] which was in a poor state of health before. John is after a severe illness of 6 months with a liver complaint but is now recovering but very slowly and remains very delicate we have left the park after a very great loss of the sight of my left Eye and we are returned back to Bernard’s bridge on the 19th day of April last which we had a great trial since through the meanes of stories and did not expect to hold me situation through the meanes of it but we must expect these trials at this Side of the grave. We would wish to know what was the matter with Sister Huston we have rote 3 letters and got no Answer untill now we would wish that you rite the flrst opportunity and send us a particular account of the State of the Country and of men’s wages for our own Country is very bad and cannot be much worse for trade there but very little for the man that is at it cannot earn 3p week. I see no view of doing here I have a great notion of sending William & John out for I see nothing here offering that they could live by except uneasiness of mind and have plenty of that and they are willing to go if you send a good account. Send us an account how William & John Huston gets on in the Upper Country and let us know where [May] Huston is and Wm. & Sally Farrell is and we sorry to here of the death of the Child and let us know where the are and let us know where your Daughter is or whether she stops with you. Send us word where W. Eedy & family is for Nicholas is very uneasy about him. [ - -] me he never received a letter from either of you and say that he must have done something out of the way [on] you both and he say that after your Day’s work you could rite it at Knight. Your aunt Eedy is in very good health and all desires to be remembered to you and family your Mother in law is in good health and family provisions rated very high this Summer potatoes from 9D to 1~ a weight flour is 3~/8D p stone pork [and] beef 5D per lb. mutton from 5D to 8D p lb. butter from l0D to 14D p lb.
The harvest here is very bad and a great report of the wheat been lost and the potatoes
crop is backward and a great deal of corn of the Country is lodged a grown out [ ] wet
Season. Remember us to Richard Dawson & family Wm. Farrell & family Wm. Eedy & family. My Father & Mother desires to remembered to you all we remain Dr. brother yours truly to death

Mr. Robert Eddy
Bathurst Bay
British North America
[From:] Wills Anstis