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Title: McGowan, Patt & Cathorine to their brother Roger, 1847
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcGowan, Patt & Cathorine
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
Recipienttheir brother Roger
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count555
Genreaccount of passage, decease, illness, quarantine, getting work, friends and neighbours
TranscriptSaint Johns New-brinswick, december The 25th 1847

Brother Roger
I take the Apertunity of
sending yow Those few lines hoping to find yow all In as good health as this leaves us at preasit thanks be to god for his mercy towards us As for the time past I cannot tell yow the One half of my sickness and disease when I left Ierlad I never was stranger or in better Health until we were 15 days on ship Board Moly Mew died which lay in the bearth under mine and I took the fevour of her and bidy Conolly and also Cathorine Relly And Cathorine tom own, neither of us was able To bring the other A drop of drink for nine days And Each of us was relapsed onely as tug dan would bring it to us and honour Mc Gowns Childrin I took the bowel complaint And Continued with me for 3 three weeks On the ship until we landed at the End Of five weeks and one day we passed the Inspector doctor for three days by the Enterference of The Captain and Mrs. Yates we had to go to qarrenteen Isilan to Ospital and I was given up by the doctor I passed blood trough me for Three days and the skin and flesh busted off My teeth and gave Blood on my mouth I was Attend by one docter murfy from County galway cured me in six days and also Betty By the assistance of god and was Annointed And Every day from that Back I was getting better After being five weeks on the Island I Came out to saint Johns and was warmly received By Andrew Kerigan who dyed of a fevour and buryed o the twenty second of this month and all the Neaburs and took Ahouse but could get nothing to do with my trade I went to Mr. John Robeson Merchant who is Joined in Merchandise with henery gore of greenack trough means Of my carractor from ser boothe gore gave me work But continued seven days until I took Asecond favour and could Not do one hands turn for Eight weeks I did not work but Eight days until the 1st day of december I Agreed with one James Murfy from waterford town for six months until June at fifteen pounds sterling and A Kitchen and Room and plenty fire wood direct your letter to Patt MGown cooper of the strait shore In care of Mr. Peter Rogan Portland street saint Johns new brumswick Roger if in case that you entend to Come out here Come early in spring And let me know aboutit firm contitucional men has from four to five shillings Each day 10s. and 6d. for your weeks boarding or 2s. for your bed and washing cooking I felt A great deal of pleasure in hearing About the reverent James Conolly How is all freends and neibours particularly those who reminded me Patt Conolly Gortnahowla Michael Ewny own
Carlis M’morrow and frank danown It is sorowful to hear all of your neibours that died here
which was already dear to us The Rate of flour 18s. and indea meal 10s. A hundred plinty of
Earning until now Nomore at preasent but We Remain in good health.