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Title: Boyle to mother, 1847
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationrailway worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Maine, USA
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count473
Genreaccount of passage, getting employment, sister leaving for Boston, wages, weather, local economy, inquires about family and friends
TranscriptAgusta December the 13th 47.

Dear Mother I Rite these fue Lines to you hopeing To find you in good health As this Leaves
Me at preasent I thank god for it Dear mother we were Foure weeks at say and we got afone
passage God favoured Me i never was one Day sick i thank god For it the very Night that I
landed i got sick and kept the Bed for two weekes and after that i fell in to good imployment At four shilling per Day British Money Dear Mother my sister Elon was Imployed the Day after we Laned in St.Johns New Brunswick Dear Mother the day we landed my Sister Marget left St. Johns New Brunswick and went to Boston wich i was very sorry that i did not Get to see her my Sister Elon went after her To Boston and I got no Acount from them since I parted her i am working At preasent in the State of Maine on Real road the fate of wages all this Summer was four shilling per Day Brittish The wages Dureing the winter is three shilling per Day we have a great Dale of Broken time here frost and snow and wet weather. Dear Mother i am getting along well here and getting good health i thank God for it i have Bought a new Sueat of Chloes wich cost me a good of Monney Clothing is ver dear hear flower hear 1l. 10s. per Barrel and one hundred and 96 lb to their Barrel Beefe is 2l.4s. shillings per Barrel Butter is 1s. shilling per pound this is a good contry for strong Boded men and very good pleace for girls good smart girls have 6s. shilling per week and their Board i am sorry that patrick boyle And Elon Boyle Did not come out here along with Me here Let Me Now how my uncle patrick Boyle is and famely and James Boyle and famely Let me Now how Martin Boyle and famely is Let me know how Domnick Boyle is Let me know thomas Nechloson is and All inquiring frends in Gennelal i send my Best Respects to Revd William Geffcott And fammely so I have No more to say But I Remain
youre Afecnate Son own Boyle

Let me know how william Nechloson and famely is Mark Currid
and his Brother James is working Along with me and the are in good health and Doeing well Let Bryan Mig Lone know if he comes out at may Let him Rite to hus Let James hennery know if he is there Let him Rite to me as quick as posigble and i will send him some help As as he Rite to me James Curred.
Direct your Letter to Agusta State of Maine One Boyle.