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Title: Wansborough, James to Sheperd, Ann, 1728
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderWansborough, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationtenant, farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallinlug, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
DestinationCohansey, New Jersey, USA
RecipientSheperd, Ann
Recipient Genderfemale
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Partial Date
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Word Count747
Genrepossible emigration
TranscriptLetter 2.
James Wansbrough, Ballinlug, Rathconrath Parish, County Westmeath, to Ann Shepherd, Cohansey, New Jersey, 18 April 1728
Balenlug Aprill ye 18 1728
Loving Cister I have Been long Disopointed of sending unto you I thank god I and my famely is well in helth soe is two of my Daughters the youngest I had by my former wife I have been marid next agust will be three yeers I have adaughter by my wife I got onely ahondred pounds with her she is a very good husef and of a very good famely for thomas Packenham was her mothers brother and his son was night of the Cheere for our County of west meath she hath aCosen In new york maried unto one Capten Congrave all my Cisters heere is well onely at last her sickness Jane who is maried to Thomas Barton went to an ague Cister Praxey she hath been sickly lives at balengary Cister mary and Pall webster is in ye county of Dublen balycahane she hath Cister Rachell and her hosband David Shephard lives at Cister Elisabeth dyed Lucys son Richard Lockwood is arich man and Justice of ye peace he is worth five or six hondred pound ayeere heere how you and your two sons moses and David I desier you Dere Cister to write by the first opertunity and let me <is> and your Daughter and all their famelyes this hath been avery hard yeere amongst the poore people for Corn failed very much and now wheat is at twenty shillings abarell and other Corne proporsianable lands is got to an Extrame Rate heere so yt they yt teakes land is likely to be teaken by their lands I lighted of ahistory of america which gave me avery <h>onest acount of all your Contrey it sayes yt he yt is worth five hondred Pounds heere laid out and retorned there yt if he have any Induster may live as well as he yt is worth six or seven hundred pound ayeere in England if you or your sons Doe write unto me and give me good Encoragment I will trans port my sellf and famely and soninlaw I Can teake threehondred pound heere but pray tell me what is ye best Comodyty to teake into yt Contrey what meakes me think of goeing is my wife is ayoung woman and would be willing to goe into yt Contrey besides agood farm Ihad y e lease <of> is Ronoute and <I> Canot get it worth teaking I have in baly Cahane and this Contrey twenty pounds a yeere I send this by Cosen frances Parvin whose aunt was maried to my first wives brother they are honest People and Lives well your sons may Doe him aCind ness in folloing Pray <ask> if thomas Green y t lived with Isarall Comborton in Philadelpha beliving for his father and mother is very Desierous to know wher he be alive or ded there was a man left this naibor hood about forty yeer agoe one Owen Daly out of y e County of west meath I was Entreated to Enquier for him if he lives nee[r] you if by chance you or ye young men might nnow him I doe Expect to heere from you by next Crismas the Creator of us [...an]d give my love and servis to my Cosens in generall but Espesially to your own two sons and your Daughter and her hosband not for geting your sellf my wife gives her servis to you and your Children I am and Remain your afectinate broth<er> whilst I am
James Wansbrough
if cervants be a good profit Idesier <you> to let me know it or what goods will turn to best acount out of this Contry I canteake three hondred pounds with me if I doe trans port my sellf into yt Contrey and leave five pound ayeer heere to send me every yeere aservant or nesesaryes Duering three lives or thirty yeers to Com severall of my Cisters sons will Certen be along with me if I doe Com into yt Contry nomore but as a far<e> wel Dan Towler is worth six hondred ayeere lives at grange where maiar fox lived formerly and Elisabeth weade Daughter to Esquier wad<e> lives at waterford and her hosbond <is> alderman hed of waterford
J. W.
Cosen Thomas Toler is ded which is Eleven lives Cosen Nicolas toler is awidower all his Children