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Title: J. Cochrane Philadelphia to W. Anderson, Lisnamuck.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCochrane, John/21
SenderCochrane, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions making shirts
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationLisnamuck, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientAnderson, Wiliam/ Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipfriends / aunt and son
SourceD 1859/8: Presented by Dr. J. T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403204
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Doc. TypeEMG
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NoteN.B. the letter has two parts, one is addressed to Mr. Anderson and prob. penned by John; he second part was prob. penned by Elizabeth and addressed to her sister Jane
TranscriptPhiladelphia February 12th 1848

Dear William Anderson I take up my pen to
write afew (sic) lines to let you know that we landed safe
in Liverpool upon thursday morning Samuel [Wilson?]
was there he took us to his house we stoped [stopped?] two
nights with him he went and agreed for our passage at three
pounds 7s and 6d pence each we sailed on the fourth
of September and landed the 8th October we had [prety [pretty?]
good health on the passage we had six deaths and four
births we landed in new york [New York?] on the 8th and
sailed the ninth for Philadelphia we landed in our friends
Mr [McCaws?]. the [they?] were verry [very?] kind to us we all
enjoy good health at present thanks be to god for those
blessings and if these lines Comes to hand I
trust in god the [they?] shall find you sharing of the same
blessings - we stoped [stopped?] in our friends Mr McCaws John fell
into work imedietly [immediately?] he wrought a few
days and then took sick Mr [McCaw?] imedietly [immediately?]
got medical assistance to him but he still got worse and the
[they?] affraid [afraid?] that it was the ship fever the [they?]
thought it better to send him to the hospital least the fever
would com [come?] into the family - Misses McCaw took a room for
me from John Shirely [Shirley?] of scalty she furnished it in every
thing I required likwis [likewise?] she bestowed me a suite of
black John was five weeks in the hospital and he recovered
and got quite well he never fell into a situation
till now he is now feelin [feeling?] to drive dray with
Thomas Cochrane Although John was doing nothing we had always
plenty to eate [eat?] and drink Mr McCaw keeps us regular
in work at makeing [making?] shirts and he told me when
I went into my own house not to want for any thing
Kennady [Kennedy?] McCaw and his Misses is very friendly to
me and my son likwis [likewise?] all the Cochrans
[Cochranes?] showed greate [great?] friendship to us I have
met with a greate [great?] manny [many?] friends in Philadelphia
and a greate [great?] many of my friends I have never seen yet -
you may let Andrew Gilispy [Gillespie?] know that his Brother
John and sister Jain [Jane?] and family is all well Jain [Jane?]
has always good health she never lived hapier [happier?] nor
contented all her days John is quite the wearing he has fell
into a good situation to be [porter?] in a dry good store
Brother James and reachel [Rachel?] is well we expect reachel
[Rachel?] down to on a visit in the course of a fortnight
likewis [likewise?] sister Nancy is in good health she is
happy and well she always lives with Mr McCaw - Dear
William the wednesday eight days after I land[--?] [landed?]
I got the news of James McIntyres death which greived [grieved?]
me very much I heard he died going on a visitee
[visit?] to mullahinch you may let Hanah [Hannah?] and the children
know that I am sorry for there [their?] trouble Dear sister
Jain [Jane?] and sister Marthew if yet on the land of the
living I send my kind love to you both likewise I would be
glad to hear how you are geting [getting?] along likwise [likewise?]
I send my love to Mr William Anderson and to Elizabeth and
all the famely [family?] in the kindest man[---?] [manner?]
also I send my best respects to friend Andrew and Elizabeth
McMichiel [McMicheal?] and all there [their?] famely [family?] and
likewise I send my love to Hannah McIntyre and famely
[family?] also I wish you to remember me to John Henry and
BMisses and famely [family?] [let?] I send my love to Samuel
Joseph and sister Jain [Jane?] [Nimmock?] and there [their?]
famelys [families?] I send my love to Archibald & Matilda [law?]
and there [their?] famely [family?] let him know that I was
in widow armstrongs her and her famely [family?] is well and
getting along well, I send my love to John [Merry?] of miltown
[Milltown?] and famely [family?] let him know his sister
Nancy and Peggy is in Philadelphia the [they?] are both
well, also let Joseph Bamford know that his Brother John
[Shirley?] and sister Margret [Margaret?] and famely [family?]
is well she never was hapier [happier?] all her days and wants for
nothing, give my love to friend John and Jain [Jane?] Cochran
[Cochrane?] of the half town [halftown?] also I send my love to James and
marthew Cochran [Cochrane?] and there in the kindest manner also let
[stained] know that there [their?] son and dauter [daughter?]
is well but Ben[stained] [Benjamin?] is is (sic) verry [very?]
delicate with rimatck [rheumatic?] pains he is unfit for
for (sic) daeing [doing?] anny [any?] buisness [business?]
James Cochran [Cochrane?] intends to rite [write?] verry
[very?] shortly the [they?] need not be alarmed when it coms
[comes?] he intends to send a ticket for Thomas likewise he
wishes them to be making some preperation [preparation?] for
the preperation [preparation?] I want you to make is just what
keep him comfortable on the passage I want him to
fetch nothing more with him - James is always in
good health he is driving dray along with the rest
of the Cochrans [Cochranes?] he sends his love to his father
and mother sister and brothers, John Joins me in sending
our love in the kindest manner to Mathew [Matthew?] McFetrich
[McFetridge?] and all the famely [family?] likewise James and
John Cochran [Cochrane?] sends there [their?] love in particular to
Robert, likewise I send my love to all the Collans [Collins?] people
in general I send my love to Alexander Humphrey and famely
[family?] in the kindest manner
let them know there [their?] son and daughter and
children is well I went to see them. I send
my love to John Riddles and famely [family?] let them
know there [their?] son Thomas was well when I landed
I saw him in Gabriel McCoy's he showed greate [great?]
friendship to me and likewise Gabriel and Mathew [Matthew?]
McCoy is well the [they?] showed greate [great?] friendship
to us too

When I rite [write?] to you again I shall endeave
to give you you (sic) more satisfaction William
is very delicate in health at present
I ad [add?] no more at present but remains you
[your?] affectionate Aunt and son Elizabeth and
write as soon as this comes hand (sic) John Cochran [Cochrane?]

Address on envelope.

Care of
Robert Hall Esq Postmaster
Aughadowey [Aghadowey?] County Derry
for William Anderson