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Title: Chandlee, Benjamin to Chandlee, Ephraim, 1705
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderChandlee, Benjamin
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationapprenticed artisan
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, USA
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientChandlee, Ephraim
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count1214
Genrepossible emigration, life in the colonies
TranscriptBenjamin Chandlee, Philadelphia, to Ephraim Chandlee, Dublin, 28 August 1705

Philadelphia Pensilvania ye 28th: 8mo: 1705
Dr Brother
This wth: the Salutation of my Dear Love to thee & Sister Martha, & also my Duty remembred to my dear ffather & tender Mother & all dear Brothers & Sisters in generall; thine and Brother Jonathans Irecd from the hands of John Barrows I also recd one the 5mo: last dated ye 23d: 7mo: 1704 one Irecd from Brother Thomas,—four in all I Recd writ by thy own hand; Dear Brother at this prsent writeing I am hearty and well the which I bless God ffor, Now as to Brother Jonathans Concerns for his intended voyage, as to Small nourishing things Such as I brought wth: me may be Convenient but whatever he brings of that Sort let him to bring Some good beere & good potatoes abord wth: him, alittle good beere Ilonged dearly for & could not have when nothing Else would go downe when Sick, &asto Some perticulars Ihad Iwould give them all for potatoes, I haveing good butter on board It would have been more Serviceable wth: potatoes to me than any thing Ihad beside I longed so much for them yt: I dreamed night after Night yt Ileft the Ship & got home & there Iwas Sacking them up in barrell Sacks now as to Commodityes good Shag, Muzlins, black hoods for women ready made, good ding[ed], spockled hancarchiefs, plain Calimincoes, fine Camlets, good linnen cloth y e Largest bredth will be y e Most proffitt & best to bring hither, if he doth bring any hats let them be of the best Sort felts will Scarcely give Any thing here lamblack when at the cheapest here pd twelve pence barrell ye dearest 20d or 2S barll Ihave not Known Any at d Since Icame hither, tell him to bring afew good hansome wigs wth: him pretty plaine and Naturall they will be proffitable, if he intends to Settle here I think it would not be amiss for him to bring pewter and brass for houshould goods wth : him & bring a good larg Iron pot or two wth him one for himself & another for me Such things he’l find very dear here, but one Commodity is plenty Enough here yt is Young women, young women Come Over to these parts Especially to this Country to Advantage themselves or get Rich husbands will be mistaken that time was but is not now, guns are of Small value Except they be very good & hansome yt I brought wth: me will not yeald 20S here, Idesire him to bring a clever hansom good one wth: him for me about 4 foot long in the barrll : & good Store of powder & shot, his trade will Answer very well here <t>here is whale fishing here, Oyle is plenty here, <t>here is No Wash lether Dressing here, Sheeps pelts ar very cheap there being No use made of them here Except Some Sorts of herdsmen maketh Aprons of them <t>here is not Aman glover in Philadelphia Only All women & poor work they Make, I had Afew lines from Coz: Joshua Carleton this Spring from Corke, concerning their Land According to his desire Iwent to the Mans house & did walk over great part of the Land it is two hundred and ten Acres in Number, it lyes in the Midst of agood neighbourhood & is good land and well timbred, he writ to me to Signifie if the timber on it would defray the Charg of takeing more Land up the Law here is not to Cut atree downe Except the Owner was here prsent, & with out A new letter of Atturney there Can be no more land taken up, I wonder Some of them do not Come over About it, Can be no more <land> taken up where It Lyeth no nearer than 40 or 50 miles off the Said land – <t>here landed this Spring Mary Cherry Sister to Richard Cherry yt was Marryed wth: Brother thomas in our meeting at Waterford, She and Georg Preste Came in here together [...] Georg is deceased ye last weeke [and d]ecently buryed, what Effects ye Sd. Georg had is put Into the Governors hands by reason of the Shortness of A will being made not haveing but one Evidence wch would not Do, so Idesire thee: Send Afew lines to Caleb Jacobs In Corke y his poore wife may understand what is become of him & She May send Aletter of Atturney for ye Recovery of these goods Againe, she lives in Corke,
Dear Brother from this last line Ilet this by neer a weeke not Expecting what happened Since; ye Mans name was Henry Clifton wch : ye Charge of ye Effects was Commited to, he hath Since as ISaid got the Effects in his own hands againe So Idesire thee to Send Afew lines to Corke & signifie to Caleb to direct the Answer to Saml : Carpenter for Henry Clifton; Mary Wilson that lived wth: James Pedegrea Arrived here this Spring Sister to Anne Wilson yt belonged Once to Edenderry meeting, she is hearty and well & has her Love Remembred to her Old Master & all her ffriends yt may Enquire after her –they were but twenty nine days between land and land at Comeing hither I believe it would be Much better for Brother Jonathan to go Over to England & there buy goods & there take his passage & come Right up our River up straight to Philadelphia for if he takes his passage at Dublin he has his passage but to Maryland, & from thence to Philadelphia he’l find it more troublesom than All his Vioge before if it were twice as far againe; In the first place After the Vessel has Cast anchor there is Asloope for Removeing his goods then a carting by land then fferrying here near three Slow miles & adeal more Cost besides trouble and Exercise & also A damnifying his goods & further let him not Concern him self in the Least wth: Any Servants yt may be Consigned to Isaac Sharp or Anybody Else whatever, It will all his Voyage Looke but Ascandalous thing besides adeal of Exercise and trouble more than Any of you may think of I desire him to bring me agood bible and Some good Shag for apair of brekes & bring aset of Small buttons Such As you Commonly wear for yt [... ] good writeing paper & Stock himself well w th goose quills is adeal here but not good, & bring me a doz: or two duz: pound of whited yarn for my trade, : <t>here Are well all Denises John Hugs in generall and Old Willm Albersons & Thomas they all in generall have their kind Loves remembred to you all in : Thomas Watsons family generall and to All Loving ffriends y may Inquire After them So haveing Inlarged : As fully As Ithink needfull, So do Conclude wth: my Unfeigned Love to thee & all my dear Parents and Relations in generall & to all Loving ffrds in Generall
Benjamin Chandlee