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Title: Kennedy, John to Kempe, William, 1753
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderKennedy, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcooper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginFishkill, Dutchess Co., NY. USA
DestinationNYC, USA
RecipientKempe, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipnot acquainted
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Word Count360
TranscriptJohn Kennedy, Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York, to William Kempe, Attorney General, New York City,16 September 1753

Fish Killns Sepbr 1753
The humbl Compleant & Suplication of Jno Kennedy a[n] a piel of (apoor Macink Late from ye old Cuntry Who Came in With my Wife & Childrin to Leabour honestly @ my tread for a Living & being a stranger I am Likely to be Ill used) –
To The Rigt honbl his Majesty King George his atturney Genl for ye provence of new York this Greeting –
Whereas one John Campble requested me to Leave of<f> Cuntrie Cooperi<n>g Which I had plenty of & make apersel of flexseed Casks I askd @ What price he said Campble told me the price that pitter Bogardus Woud pay in York he Was bringing to Some of ye Cuntrie mercht &c When bogardus Came to ye Store Wth ye York Casks: Said Campble Came to me & told me my price Was to be 4s-york mony & bid me work away th<e>y Woud take all I Coud make: Which bargen I Depended on & no outher –Now he desirs me to go & Sue pepol who had them from him Who never Spock for aCask to me & tels me th<e>y will give me no mor then th<e>y Sold them for in york Wth ye flexseed Some Will give: 18d—Some Will give 2s:6d —in Stead of my bargen Wth Campble to Witt his own makeing 4S- as aforesaid How If th<e>y Can make a second price as they pleas<?> Wourthy Sr you yt . Came from the Sate of Justice I hubly aply to for the Same for hear I Can have non<e> my mony amounts <to> 5£:12s -York Curancey for 28 Casks @ 4S Cask Grate Sr Your answer I Expect how I Shall act on Sigt & Your Derictions I Will Punctuley obsarve This I make bold in hopes You Will over look my fealings & aid & asist me to my own &be payd for Yor truble Wourthy Sr Iam Your Huble Servt J. K<ennedy>
To The Rigt honble his Majsteys atturney Gen.ll for the province of New York