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Title: Colonel Leslie to John Pomeroy, Dublin
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCol. Alexander Leslie/24
SenderColonel Alexander Leslie
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNorth America
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientColonel John Pomeroy
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2954/5/9: Deposited by Major the Honourable R.W. Pomeroy, Rockfield House , Nunnery, near Frome, Somerset
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309902
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptFrom Lt. Col. Leslie with 64th Foot in North America 1770
Colonel John Pomeroy
Merrion Square
Mount Kennedy

9th May 1770
D'r [Dear?] Sir
I am favored with your very obliging letter of the 30th of January, and glad
to find you are in perfect health -
We are very happy since we were to loose [lose?] Smith to have secured
Armstrong, the Gentlemen are much obliged to you for getting every thing to go
on so smooth and expeditions for them - the Notefecation [notification?] is not
yet come from the Adj't [Adjutant?] Gen'ls [General's?] Office at New York, nor
of the Augmentation, but we shall have it soon -
At the Earnest Request of Dowager Lady Longford I have given Ens'n [Ensign?]
Pakenham Permission to go to New York to obtain Gen'l [General?] Gages leave to
go home to keep Sir Thomas Nugent in proper Order -
I expect leave for Mr. Jacob to go home his health is so very bad, that he is
of little use in regard to duty -
I suppose you will Order the two new Ensigns out imediately [immediately?]
I have but one [------?] Com'er [Commander?] excepting the Adjutant, which must
keep them always at Quarters, Bishop longs very much to see his Mate, I'm very
angry with Mr. Etteston
had I known how he would have acted so he should not have gone home at the
Expence [Expense?] of the Reg't [Regiment?] -
If you don't find he has success at Norwich I suppose you'll moove [move?] him,
he complains the [Size?] is very high especially now that the Augmentation has
taken place -
The Cloathing [clothing?] is so very small, I don't know how to manage for
many of the Men, I'm at a loss whether the Col [Colonel?] pays anything this
Year for the Alteration of the [Daistracts?].
There's no Alterations since I sent you the last State of your Reg't
[Regiment?] - Prestons tryall [trial?] is not yet come on the Bostonians we are
told are not fond of thier [their?] new Governor, Col [Colonel?] Robertson is
there paying of the Barracks, so it's thought no more Troops will be kept
there, the 14th & 29th still at Castle William - the 16th gone to
[pensicoley?], [Pensacola?] no signs of summer here yet, it is a shocking
place of itself, I've been very ill with Biles & the Scurvy no Vegetables
but Madeira all the Winter, I've really been very sober, but the severe
Cold shut the Pores and stops Perspiration -
I hope to be able to pass my next Winter at new York [New York?]
I expect Nowell [Novel?] from thence every day -
The Comadore[Commodore?] desires his best respects to you -

he does not know whether he continues longer or not his Son goes home with
him -
I've Comp'ts [Compliments?] from L'd [Lieutenant?] Wm. [William?] Campbell
to you if it was not for those two Family's this Place would be
unsupportable -
The Gentlemen of the Corps join me in Compliments to you & all friends -
And believe me to be
D'r [Dear?] Sir
Y'r [Your?] very faithfull [faithful?]
humble Servant
Alex [Alexander?] M. Leslie