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Title: Pillson, Robert to Brabazon, Harry, 1764
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderPillson, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationDrogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
RecipientBrabazon, Harry
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipclient - owner
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Word Count981
Genretrade, business
TranscriptRobert Pillson, New York City, to Harry Brabazon, Drogheda, County Louth, 5 April 1764

Mr Harry Brabazon New york 5th April 1764
Dear Sir
As I am at this Season addressing myself to such of my Friends and acquaintances in Ireland, as are in the Mercantile way, <I> take this opportunity of Introducing a correspondence; but notwithstanding that business did not lead me thus to Commence an Epistolary acquaintance, yet I look upon myself, as being bound by the tyes of gratitude, at least to render you & Mr Brabazon an acknowledgment for the kindness, and friendship, which I have experienced from you whilst among you, and of which I shall always Entertain a gratefull sense, and wish to have it in my power to make a suitable return. My prospect in comeing to this Country, was from the Encouragement of several of my friends in Ireland, particularly Messrs Corrys of Newry, who have since my comeing here manifested their good Inclinations to serve me, by giving a considerable order for shipping Flaxsd which has been Executed with several others from same place, Belfast & Derry and as I mean to continue in doing business in the Commission way shall always endeavour to transact it in such a manner as to give my Friends Satisfaction, by holding their property Committed to my care in the highest Esteem, and pay due attention in all respects to their Interest, which I hope will intitle me to the favour of their Commands As I make no doubt you are well acquainted with such of your Towns-people as do any business in this City, <I> must entreat you to recommend me to their notice, in putting what business they can into my hands, and I shall alway deem it as a particular favour; and you may at same time assure them that think it their Interest to commit any transaction to my care they may rely on having it compleated as much to their content as they cou’d wish, and in order that they may be satisfy d as to their safety in corresponding with me, must beg leave to referr them to my particular friends the Messrs Corrys, to Messrs Melling & Glennys & Mr David Gaussan of Newry, for whom I have done some business since I came to this Country, and for the better enabling me to send my Irish friends such Flaxseed as I know answers that Market, I am now getting a very compleat Machine erected for cleaning, that will Cost upwards of £300 this money, which I purpose shall go thro’ every operation under my own Inspection My liveing in Newry so long where that trade was carried on largely, afforded me Repeated opportunitys of know the different good qualitys necessary in Seed in order to Recommend it to the Country people, who I know are often hard Seed of a small Grain, bright coloured, clean, and free to please even with the best from Spirry is the kind that answers your Market, and such grows here upon a dry, Sandy soil, and is only rais’d on Two particular Islands, viz. Long Island, and Connecticutt: but it generally commands from 2d to 3d Bushell in price, more than any other Seed brought to this Market on acct of the qualitys abovementioned. By all accounts from Ireland their last Summer has prov’d very moist, which must consequently have produced you large quantitys of butter, and as the Exportation of that article is prohibited from Ireland to England induces me to think it must be laid in reasonably by you, therefore I immagine a quantity ship’d from your place for this could not fail of turning out well the present price 14d bl by single Casks, and d by that quantity if you, or any of your Friends should deem it prudent to adventure therein, I would recommend their shipping it so as to be here early in the fall, Beef now sells from 65 to 70/ Barrell (I mean Irish) being in much greater esteem than what is cured here, as it is found by experience that the Irish Beef, (when well cured, and honestly made up) always commands both a preference, and a higher price at the West India Markets. Irish Mault answers well here, when good, and well Malted it sells now @ 25/ barrell of 12 Stone, and expected higher soon, on acct of a Stop being put to the Exportation of Corn from England; if you or your friends incline sending any to this Market, the safest conveyance w d be in Sacks, made of the Coarse Ticken manufactured with you, which wou’d bring a handsome proffitt here. was not my own small Capitall otherwise occupy’d at present, I shou’d have ordered over some Mault, and butter on my own acct as I really dont know any thing in which there’s a better prospect of makeing money; Coarse linnen & Sheeting much Wanted for about 3,000 provinciall Troops now raiseing to protect our Frontiers. I shall be extreamly glad to be favoured with a letter from you when opportunity serves, and to have it in my power to render you, or any of your friends what services I can here being with much Esteem Dear Sir Your sincere & obedt Servt t
Robt Pillson
pray my Complemts to Mrs Brabazon Miss Brabazon & Mr P. B.; the hurry of business prevented my writing you by a Vessel that Sail’d from hence for your place –inclosed you have prices Currt of this Market –Jamaica Rum ...4/6 Antigua do… 3/6 New Eng. do ...2/6 Melasses...2/ Rice... 14/ Best Flour...12/ 2d d0… 11/ Irish Beef… 65 to 70/ barrel do Pork…95 to 100/ do Butter… 14d bl in demand do Linnens from 13 to 20d Irish yd in great demand for the provincial Troops –Coarse Sheeting in demand.