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Title: Croghan, George to Johnson, William, 1764
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderCroghan, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationtrader/deputy superintendent
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, England
DestinationJohnstown, Albany Co., NY, USA
RecipientJohnson, William
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count1277
TranscriptGeorge Croghan, London, to Sir William Johnson, Johnson Hall, Johnstown, Albany County, New York, 12 July 1764
London July 12th. 1764
Hond. Sir
the Lords of Trade has had yr . State of Indian affairs & that of Mr. Stewerts under thire Consideration for Near Six weeks past and have formd a plan for ye futer Manidgement of yr. Departments & the Indian Trade on which a Duty is to be Layd. of 5c which is to Defray the Expence of Indian affairs you are to have three Deputys & Mr Stewert two att 300 annum Each you are to have an Interpreter & Smith att Each post of Trade & Mr Stewart ye. Same & there is to be a Commisery apointed att Each post to Inspect Trade you are to have Seven thousand pounds annum alowd. you for presents to ye . Indians & other Expences Mr Stewert five thousand I Need Say No More on this Subject as you will Receive a Copey of the Plan from thire Lorshipes by this Packett—
thire Lordshipes Say that ye. Commander in Cheefe will furnish you with what presents is Nesesary att present for ye. Indians & hopes that ye. Expedition under ye Command of Coll. Broadstreet will putt an End to ye Indian Warr after which they hope the Duty on ye. Indian Trade will be More then Sufisent to Defray ye. Expence of your Department, they Make very Light of ye Indian Warr. and give very Little attension to ye. affairs of ye Colenys in Gineral, Mr. Penn has Don Every thing in his power to gett a Large present Sent you for ye . Indians & has offerd to Joyn his preporsion in itt butt None of the present Ministry wold agree to Give Six pence Towards that Service Except My Lord Halifax, who is yr. Sincear frend and aprove<s> all ye. Meshers you Recommd as to the Rest I Loock on what they Say as Meer froath & by Many questions wh. they have putt to Me they Seem to be Jelous of yr. being a popler Man in Amerrica which they Seem to think att present Dangrouss, In short they are Determined To Trust No power in y e hands of any person in Amerrica they won’t Suffer ye. Commander in Cheefe for the futer to fill up any Commisions In aMerrica the Cheefe Study of the pople in power hear att present is To Lay Heavy Taxes on the Colenys and tis Talkt of Laying an Internal Tax on them Next Cesion of parlament—
the Lords of Trade has att Last Consented to Make a boundry between the Indians and us and has Made itt an Artickle of thire plan & Refer’d itt to your Honour to Setle which was very hard to Gett them into fer they wold have Chose to Lockt on all the Indians Cuntry as Conquerd & Ceaded to us by the Last paice on wh. Acount No Subject is to purchess any Land from the Indians as formerly the King only and when he purchess the Lands is to be Granted by the Lords of Trade & No More than twenty thousand acres to one person fer wh. Grant there is to be paid hear a sume of Money besides ye Feess to ye. Governer.
I Referd a Memorial to ye. Lords of Trade for the Confirmation of ye . Lands ye Six Nations gave Me formerly whch they Refused to Grant att which Time Mr. Pownal Menshond . yr . honour haveing A Grant from ye . Mohocks thire Lordshipes Examined Me fer a Considerable Time how you obtaind itt & Wondred you had Nott Menshoned itt in your Leters to ye. Board as they had Neaver herd of itt before on which I tould them that I understood you had Wrote to Mr Pownal to Lay itt before y. Board wh. itt Seems he had Neaver Menshoned before and Lord Hillsborrough was of opinion <it> was then two Late as they had Made a Rule of Granting Butt 2000. a<cres> to one Man and Seemd . of opinion that No Indian Agent Should Make any Contracks with Indians fer Lands or be Concern d . in Trade, Sence that Mr Pownall Desierd . Me to aquaint you that he had nott been able to gett yr Grant Confirmd . butt hoped he Shuld gett itt Don as Soon as a boundry was fixt with the Indians Butt I Can ashure you that there is Litle Dependence to be putt in What he or his Brother Says they are Greatt Indian Politicions & pretend to know as Much of Indian affairs as you Do and as there has been So Many Changes att y e Board Lately they are Imensly Ignerant and as Indiferent about itt as they are Nott Cartian butt another Change will be this Next Cesion of parlament I Came two Late to England to aply to the Last parlament for ye. Losses Sustained Privous to ye War Seven hundred thousand pd of ye Mony ariseing from ye Sales of ye Ships Taken from ye . . . . . . . . . . french on that Acount was apropriated before I Came there is About £40000 Remaining which is ye only Chance I have of being Reimburst what I Lost and that must be by aplecation to parlemt . wh. Mr. Pen will undertake for Me as I Cant Stay My Self
tho Gineral Amhirst has been Gineraly Condemd for his Conduct in Indian affairs his plan fer Chestiseing them is followed oweing I Blive to ye. Litle attension paid by y present Ministry to amerrican affairs as they Study Nothing butt to keep them Selves in power I have Don Every thing in My power Respecting the Mohocks Complaints About ye Cayaderrussera patten<t> and that of y e Corperation of albany and thire Lordshipes has att Last Agreed thet if ye. asembly in New York will Nott Disanul them patten<t>s by an act of asembly that they will have itt Don hear by an act of parlament The Board of Trade was going to apoint the Comiserays to Inspect ye Indian Trade in yr . Department hear Till I Lett Lord Hillsborrough know that those Comisereys Should be persons aquainted with ye. Indians Customs and Maners & that I thought you Should have ye. apointment of them as they were to act Imeidatly under yr. Direction To which he agreed and Said itt was proper you Should have y e apointment of yr. own offisers in Such a Depertment Butt Said that in all other Depertments of his Majestys Service in Amerrica ye. offisers Should be apointed hear by his Majestys Ministers which wold allways give them that Influence which they ought to have in this kingdom. Mr. Penn Desiers Me to present his Complem ts to yr Honour & Says he will Write you by Me Plese to Make Mine to Mr. John & Capt Clause Capt Johnson &ye . Ladys & blive Me with Greatt Sincerity yr Honours
Most obeident and
Humble Servant
Geo: Croghan
P.S. Mr. Allan before he Saild for Phill. Last Month Deliverd a State of yr Services to Mr. Grinvill ye Lord high Tresuerer Butt there had been Nothing Don in itt Nor Do I blive you will have any allowances Made you fer yr Extronerey Services Except you was to Come hear yr. Self. ye p<e>ople hear think you are Rich aNouffe and they heat to hear of any amerrican being Either popler or welthey