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Title: Heazelton, William to Greeves, John, 1814
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderHeazelton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn, USA
DestinationBernagh, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreeves, John
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipold acquaintances
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Word Count885
Genrelife in the colonies, war
TranscriptWilliam Heazelton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to John Greeves, Bernagh, Killyman Parish, County Tyrone, 29 May 1814
Pittsburgh 29 May 1814
Dr John
I have wroate often to you but have not Recd an answer I onst more wright to you perhaps Some of them you may Receive I Sopose you think that we are all Killd in this Contry but some of us is still alive and well as to my part I am well and has my Health as well as Ever I had in my life and hopes that you and your good family Injoys health and hapiness in the like manner Dr John I think Long to heare from you and my Friends and how the<y> are Doeing, I am Still keeping a Store and has but one Clark and my Self which does my buisiness and I doe asure you I doe a great Dale in drie goods and Groseries and also Defrent articles of the projuse of this Contry we must have our hand in many things to meake a living here as house Rents is high and Vituling Remarkble dear the Rates at present is my house Rent is 300 Dollars pr year flower 6 Dollars pr hundred butter 37 1/2 Cents by the pound beef 10c beacon 20c potatoes 1 Dollar pr Bushell and Every thing Else in proportion as the Crops mist in this Country Laste year and produse buying up for the army this warr is not a popular warr here Some for it and some against it but I think it would be Better for this Country the<y> had never begun it and how it will End god only Knowes as for my part I wish it was over and the Seaes Clear I would Soon be home with you if provedance would permit me Jo Will Left me last June and took a trip to new orleanes Where he got in to Imployment with a gentle man whome was a kind of Comasary to the people here Call<ed> patriotts and have hard that he was killed the July Last in an ingagement with the Spaniards near new mexicoe Jo Got to be a very fine boy but he though<t> to meake his fortune at onst but his Expectations and [... ] weare Disapointed it was not with my Concent he went to the Southard or ingeaged in any party afaires in this Country for my part I Keep as Quiet as I Can here tho not in Sulted buy any Respectable people but am teaking by the hand the better Sort of people heare treates me as well as my heart Could wish and my Creddit is as good as I could Ever Expect I doe asure you I have not been Idle I met with Some Losses in tread which you Can hardly avoid in this Country the Lower order of the Irish is the worst and Least Respected but where the<y> are a Clever honest man the<y> farr Exceed any other Streangers that Comes here the Blagaird Runaway united Irish men makes a Great fuss here but Getting out of Creddit Rapaidly they are the onely people that I dislike for their bad Conduct and lying Stories that the<y> propagate a gainst Ireland but the<y> are Coming fast down as the Real americans dont Like them on any acct what I mean by Real Americans is the better Sort of people Call<ed> Federlists but there is good and bad of all Kinds Every pleace Dr John Let me Know how you Get my Rents paid I hope you meake them pay up as I know it is all one thank and Iam in Need of money as Soon as it Can be Sent Safely to me if the warr was over and my affairs Setled I would Go home and Live the Remainder of my days Quietly your Nephew John G. Greeves is well he Lives in new Orleanes and has a good Sallery for being a Clark to a Merchant there had to Leave orlanes on acct of the Alient act and Live in the Country which Cost I heard from him a few days agoe he him Some Money Must be 40 miles from the Sea Which has drove a Great Deal of People to this he wroght to me he would be heare in the fall as Every Alient Westring Country there is nopleace in the union Improving So fast as Pittsburgh Since the Warr Comenced Building and Manufecturies are Gowing on Wrapedly as the people are flocking from all the Seacosts here Dr John let me know how Sam l Douglass and famely are Doing and all the Rest of my Relations which is two Numerious to mention Let John Kerr Know that all his Children are well heare and Give my love to all my friends that Deserves it let me know how the Verners and the Louds are and how the orang<e> men is Doeing Give my best Respects to your good family Cosen peggy all the Children Remember me to your Mother and your Brother Wiliam Jo Williams &c and Excuse my Wrighting as the gentleman is Weating to teake this Letter to New york no more at present but your affectionat
Wm Heazelton