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Title: Letters of Francis Makemie
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemakemie, francis/5
SenderMakemie, Francis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclergyman
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
DestinationBoston, New England (today's Mass., USA)
RecipientRev. Benjamin Colman
Recipient Gendermale
SourceAmerican Presbyterianism: Its Origin and Early History. pp. XIV- 1
ArchiveCentre For Migration Studies
Doc. No.201113
Partial Date28/03/1707
Doc. TypeEMG
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PHILADELPHIA, March 28, 1707.
Mr. Benjamin Colman.
Rd Brother. Since our imprisonment we have
commenced a correspondence with our Rd
[Reverend?] Brethren of the Ministry at Boston,
which we hope, according to our intention, has
been communicated to you all, whose Sympathising
concurrence, l cannot doubt of, in our expensive
Struggle, for asserting our liberty, against the
powerful invasion of Ld Cornbury, which is not
yet over.
l need not tell you, of a pickd [picked?]
Jury, and the penall [penal?] laws are invading
our American Sanctuary, without the least
regard to the Toleration, which should justly
alarm us all. l hope Mr Campbell, to whom l
direct this for the more safe Conveyance,
has shown or informed you, what l wrote last.
We are so far, upon our return home; tho'
[though?] l must return for a finall
[final?] Tryall [trial?] which will be very
troublesome and expensive. And we only
had liberty, to attend a Meeting of
Ministers we had formely appointed here;
and were only seven in number, at first,
but expect a growing number: Our design
is to meet yearly, and oftener, if
necessary, to consult the most proper
measures, for advancing religion,
propagating Christianity, in
our Various Stations, and to mentain
[maintain?] Such a Correspondence as
may conduce to the improvement of our
Ministeriall [Ministerial?] ability by
prescribing Texts [texts] to be preached
on by two of our number at every meeting,
which performance is Subjected
to the censure of our Brethren; our
subject is Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews,
l and another began and performed our parts
on vs. I,2, and the 3 is presribed to Mr
Andrews and another. If any friends write,
direct to Mr. Jn [Junior] Bud at
Philadelphia, to be directed to me in
Virginia. Pardon Sr [Sir?] this
diversion from
Your humble Servant, and Brother
in the worke [work?] of the
ffrancis [Francis] Makemie.