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Title: [Wm?] Cook, Toronto to Mr Jas A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCooke, H. M/30
SenderCooke, H.M.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmedical student
Sender Religionunknown
OriginToronto, Canada
DestinationEssex, Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Transcript[Front of envelope]
Jas A Smyth Esq

Canadian 2 cent stamp

[Handwritten upside down]
Arr [Arrived?] Dec 10th

[Back of envelope]
NO 4

[Page 1]
Toronto Nov 3rd 1901

JA Smyth Esq,

Dear Jim,
A month has gone,
a very busy one for me and one in
which I have found very little
time to show that I have not
forgotten any friend by letter
writing. Sunday, a day of rest,
affords me time when I have no
lectures and I use it to write you.

Medicine, what does it
mean to the student? At present
I don't know, there is no indications
as yet of medical dogma, and [freshies?]
believe they are automatic machines, in
Toronto, to spend money, grind bones,
bustle in

[Page 2]
the formost [foremost?] ranks in every
scrap. Our first year Jim, is nothing
but theory, we never see a patient,
never feel a pulse, never use the
thermometer, nothing to indicate that
we will ever be MDs. However I
don't object to the theory, it is dry
but very interesting and in the
years to come the better we know
this the better will be able to
prescribe for the aches of mankind.

College life is very interesting,
So interesting and variable in its
characters that none but the
iron-willed can do any conscientious
studying. One day it is a scrap with
the [S.P.S?] the next with the second
year students, Football. baseball, Rugby,
lawn tennis, shooting and [everything]
[not?] work. In our year there are [125?]
freshies, a game lot I can tell you, Some
with an allowance of $2000 a year others
like myself with short rations, but it
does not affect standing of fellows at all,
The man is what the students admire not the
filthy lucre, A mean sneak has no place in
college life, They soon spot him, and if he
is fresh they put him under the tap. The
right place to cool him off. Jim you
don't know what a hustle is, you would
be delighted with one, Our Dean, when the
Duke was in

[Page 3]
Toroto [Toronto?], presented
the meds, with a flag pole and emblem of
welcome. After H.R.H had gone the S.P.S
fellows who are our neighbours across the road
came over after school and with a dull
ax [axe?] cut the pole down. This of course
was translated as a [dialogue?] to a
fight, the Meds gathered there [their?] clans
together and great and deliberate
precautions were taken to bring to
task the enemy who so insulted our
On Oct 22 1901, our forces were
marshalled 400 strong out on the
campus determined to do or die,
The S.P.S who knew of our
ultimatum were prepared and bravely,
heroically advanced to do us battle,
a long pole was to be the prize. it was
brought on the field, to battle for,
The S.P.S number 350 and everyone a
trained soldier, the freshmen were
under my command and were the first
in line of battle, Say Jim

[Page 4]
we didn't do a thing to them, We carried the
whole crowd back with us to Biological
Bld [building?] our lecture room cut the
pole into 3 pieces and took it into the Bld
[building?], as trophies of a great victory,
The scrap
lasted for 3 hrs. but the victory was
decisive. Many of them, unable to escape,
were captured and to revive their
failing vigor were treated to the tap.
You would certainly have liked it Jim,
after the row we had our photos taken
just as we were some with shirts on
some without One man who wore a wig
lost it in the scrummage, and although
a large reward was offered has been
unable even to this day to recover it.
Another pleasant event happened Halloween.
The meds are entertained each
Year by Dean of med [Medical?] Faculty Dr.

[Page 5]
so that they may be restrained
from doing municipal damage. and going
to [theatre?]. After the [smoker?] we were
returning peacefully home when we
got in front of our own beloved
Bio Bld [Biological Building?], Up in a
telephone post, putting up a flag we espied
a man, Immediately as bees to the honey swarm
did the meds around him gather. He
was an S.P.S student putting up a flag,
reflecting upon our good name, and
glorifying the School of Science, Alas
for him, fate was against him, They
made him come down they made him apologise
They made him go up the pole and
cut the flag down and in order to do this
he had to cut the telephone wires.
we cheered him to the [ealy?] as he
accomplished the brave but inglorious
deed, a flat joke you think, but to
make it worse we put his name in the
paper and published him throughout
the land,
if I were you I would do
my best to get here next year, You
would like it,
I saw the Duncans here, Joe has
gone to [Stratford?], I dont [sic] where the
other is but will look him up one
of this [sic] days, Masonry helped them [here?]

[Page 6]
Frank Robinson is here
studying medicine, and having
a good time. He is elected to represent
the Freshmen as Freshman's Toaster at our
annual dinner in Dec,
Our yell is-
[Epislaxis?], proplulaxis [prophylaxis?] coughs colds
[rates?] varsity meds, varsity meds
varsity medicals [Forcular-Heropluli?]
val sal va varsity meds varsity meds
rah rah rah,
Now Jim write me soon and tell me
all the news
Sincerely Yours
[Wm [William?] Cook?]

Transcribed by Julie Simms