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Title: J. Anderson, Ohio to his parents in Balinrees
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, Joseph/78
SenderAnderson, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOhio, USA
DestinationBallinree, Ireland
RecipientAnderson Family
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and sibling
SourceD.1859/2: Presented by Dr. J. T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County< Down, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012075
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript[Front of envelope]
For John Anderson
Ballinree Care of John
Hunter Esqu [Esquire?] Greenhill
near Colerain [Coleraine?] Co Derry
Parish Aughadoey Ireland

[Back of envelope]
Mr John Anderson
Colerain [Coleraine?] Co
March 27

Viana [Vienna?] March the 26th 1837

Dear parents Brothers and sisters we Received two
letters one for John Roberts and one for us with pleasure
I Comence [Commence?] to write you a few lines to let you
know that we all enjoy good health at present thank god for
all his mercys [mercies?] to us hopeing [hoping?] if this
letter reaches your length it will find you enjoying the
same blessings Dear father [--ive?] Received your letters
the twentyfifth Instant the one bearing date December the
30th 1836 the other January the 6 1837 which gladened
[gladdened?] our harts [hearts?] to hear from you all and that
you were all on [in?] the land of the liveing [living?] Dear
father you stated in your letter that you our aged
parents were faling [failing?]
about which I have no dought [doubt?] but your clay houses is
muldring [mouldering?] fast and your heads geding [getting?]
gray and many wrinkles in [your?]
brows but you may blss [bless?] god that you are yet
alive and that he is giveing [giving?] you time and space to
repent while your old friends and neighbours and even
blooming youths are called from time to Eternity god in his
providence has visited our little family with that
irresistable [irresistible?] massenger [messenger?]
death two weeks previous to this date Eliza was put to
bed and delivered of a still born child a girl she is now
recovered to her wonted state of health our Childer Mary
and Jane is well Dear Brother and sister you wish to
know what time of the year is the best to set out for America
I think April or the begining [beginning?] of May next you
wish to know if the provisions we had on board was suitable
for us the [they?] answered very well we had provisions
enough and to spare we left four or five score in New York
with some other articles in Hugh Gamble [Camble?] the gave
[--------------------------------------------] [illegible?]
which the [they?] thought would a cost them more than the
[they?] were worth every person is allowed a hundred weight
of bagage [baggage?] from Newyork [New York?] here then
whatever the [they?] have over the [they?] charge fifty
cents per hundred or perhaps a little
more oat meal is worth six cents per pound in philadelphia
[Philadelphia?] or newyork [New York?] if you can sell it
if not bring all your lugag [luggage?]
along and if your money fails you know where to write
from Newyork to Albany two dollars half each from Albany
to Buffalo three dollars a half each from fairport
[Fairport?] to the Center of viana [Vienna?]
three dollars twentyfive Cents but your best plan is to leave
your wife and Childer in fairport [Fairport?] and walk here
yourself distance sixty miles from fairport [Fairport?] to
parkman [Parkman?] thirty miles
from parkman [Parkman?] to warren [Warren?] twenty miles from
warren [Warren?] to the Center of Viana [Vienna?] eight miles
let trusy [Rockm---?] [missing]
I like this Cuntry [country?] well and I think he could do
than in ierland [Ireland?] but we dont wish to advise any
person farther out than our Brothers least the [they?]
might have bad fortune then exclame [exclaim?] upon us let
James Mcintyre know that David stoped [stopped?] in Hugh
Gambles [Cambles?] he works in the same store with Robert
Mcintyre David told Gamble [Camble?] to tell Robert and
Alexander he had a letter for them there [their?] answer
was for Hugh Gamble [Camble?] to bring the letter to them
for the [they?] did not want to see him H. Gam [Gamble?]
caried [carried?] the letter and said he heard the half of
it read and the [they?] would not read the other half in
his hearing let william [William?] Tomson [Thomson?] know
that John Tompson [Thompson?] and John Roxborough lives
in the Township of [drord?] thirty miles from here
William Roxborough Johns son lives here by writeing
[writing?] to him directing his letter to the same postoffice
you do yours he can get all the information he wants
Cousen [Cousin?] Samuel after a long times silence betwixt
you and I was glad to hear your letter I thought it strange
you did not write a letter to me long a go [ago?] upon the
account of old times but we were sorry to hear of your wife
[wife's?] sickness and of our ant [aunt?] haveing [having?]
that Complant [Complaint?] in her finger
John Roberts was verry [very?] sorry for his Grandmother and
aunt he wishes to let you know that he Recd [Received?] no
money for the time the [they?] stoped [stopped?] in liverpool
[Liverpool?] there [their?] boxes was not searched untill
[until?] the [they?] landed in newyork [New York?] there
[their?] expnce [expense?] for the time the [they?] stoped
[stopped?] in liverpool [Liverpool?] was ten shillings each
he wishes to let you know that he likes the Cuntry [Country?]
pritty [pretty?] well altho [although?] he
thought it strange at first he did not work all the time
in winter he is now at work on the Can-ll [Canal?] at fiften
[fifteen?] dollars pr [per?] months and found and expets
[expects?] to have eighteen in the summer
next you wish to know what kind of victualling we eat for
Common here our fair [fare?] is white bread potatoes pork
butter cheese pie applesauce and sutch [such?] like to each
meal Coffy [Coffee?] to brakefast [breakfast?] and tea to
supper the servant eat at the same table with his master
John Roberts would not advise his father to sell out and come
here neither would I altho [although?] his trade is pritty
[pretty?] good here land is very high here
he Could not buy land here for less than eight dollars
pr [per?] acre and woodland to [too?] without going two 100
miles farther back land Cattle victualling and every thing
else is as dear again as when we landed here first
friend Samuel we think you had pritty [pretty?] hard times
in Ireland last winter for the want of turf you stated in
your letter that you would like to have a whiles come [----?]
with us about our stick fire we are at no loss for a fire
here two men and a yoke of oxen four days could get
as much wood as would do the best fire in Ballinree
for one year for the want of room I must drop my pen
John Roberts and us sends our kind love to our parents
brother and sisters uncles and aunts friends and old
acquantances [acquaintances?] individually and Colectively
[Collectively?] I [-ad?]no more at present
but remains your sons and daughters J D and Cd [?] Anderson

frend [friend?] Samuel you stated in your letter if David has
seen any of the yankies [yankee?] girls that he fancied here
but John and him thinks the girls here are not as hansome
[handsome?] as in Ireland the [they?] can be suited in a
fortune here but not in buty [beauty?] you may tell some of
the purty girls to wait on them the [they?] say the [they?]
will spend one hundred dollars and go home for wifes [wives?]
without doubt David could get a girl here with 1000 dollars
of a fortune she sen [sent?] word with me to him.

John [Mofalrich?] and family is well
we wish to be remembered to our father and Mother
in Mullahinch and brother John and family we heard
our mother had gon [gone?] to Scotland to stop with nany
[nanny?] Eliza wishes them to write a letter to us as soon
as she comes home write from Ballinree as soon
these lines comes to hand and if Robert is not comeing
[coming?] never to mention about America again

[written across one side]
David and I is working on farms I have
100 and 44 dollars a year david
is working to a brother of the man I am
working for at a 100 and 26 dollars a year
and both found