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Title: Thomas Adams, New York, U.S. to George McCarter, Strabane.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAdams, Thomas/14
SenderAdams, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsolicitor
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland
RecipientMcCarter, George
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2298/19/2/3: Deposited by Messers. Wilson and Simms, Solicitors.
ArchivePublic Record Office , Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9306001
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by Jonathan Teer, 01
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TranscriptA letter from Thomas Adams, New York, dated Sept.
[September?] 26 1871, to George McCarter, Strabane.
To Geo [George?] McCarter Esq [Esquire?]

33 Nassau St [Street?]
New York Sept [September?] 26th 1871

Dear Sir
Your favor [favour?] of the 4th inst. [instant?] was
duly received & courteously noted
I am very happy to say that your son William is
getting on well & very steady & I would recommend his
starting in a small way a shop of his own & enlarge gradually
as he may have occasion; it is best to go on with an economical
plan & in case of loss or failure to succeed it will not
be great & save ones feelings.
We have been consulting about the money required
say about £200 pounds or $1,100 -
will he thinks be sufficient for lumber and tools 500 -
2 months expenses fitting up & making tools 150
Capital to carry on a contract 750 Less saved & in Bank -
- $300 450 or about £200 pounds $1,100 -
there remains in my hands of the £50 pounds received 77.90
Interest 7.47 $85 37/100
William proposes renting a place - 1st Feb. [February?]
or Jan. [January?] to make arrangements so as to be
ready to take a contract by 1st March or as early as any
they offers [offer?] so that it will be time enough for
you to remit by the first of the year; he thinks it best
for me to receive the money & pay it out as he may need
it or I will act as his Banker
It is prudent to make the sum as annexed, & if the
business requires - will write you for more funds
William you are aware joined Dr [Doctor?] Halls
Church & is a constant attendant with his family at
Alexand[--?] Chapel where I meet him twice a sabbath he
teaches a class of small boys [--?] & attends the
ministers Bible Class afternoons; in all of which he
takes a lively interest it is a great matter to be at
work, helping on the cause of Christ
I am glad to hear that you all are in good health
I hope the cornerstone of your church has been duly
laid & that the building will go up with some spirit I
fear you are a slow but sure people
My brother John writes me of W McLam[----?] trouble
& that he is on his way to this country

If he calls on me I will see what can be done for
him, but he may be some time out of employment business
is depressed & a great many idle in New York it may be
best for him to go west to St Louis or Chicago
With best regards to
Mrs McCarter & family
yours truly
Thomas J. Adams