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Title: Gamble Crawford, Richfield, Ohio, to His Brother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCrawford, Gamble/13
SenderCrawford, Gamble
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginRichfield, Ohio, USA
DestinationBallymena, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2338/1: Copied by Permission of James Wilson Esq., Caugherty, Broughshane, Co Antrim. #TYPE EMG Gamble Crawford, Richfield Ohio, U.S.A. to His Brother 26th March 1860.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8811063
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count833
TranscriptRichfield March 26, 1860

Dear Brother, -
I received your letter of Aug 13,
in september last and was happy to know you
were all well, I have defered [deferred?] answering your letter
longer than I ought to for this I have no reasonable
excuse, we are all well at present our family
seven in no [number?] three boys and four girls [?]
our oldest girl is in her fourteenth year, and is
of much help to her mother when at home but
she attends school about 7 or 8 months with [?]
I do not expect to lay up much property for
my children, but one thing I intend to do that
is, to give them a good education and their
liberty when they come to age, to do for themselves
which is a privilege that all children have in
this country, and that privilege I regret was
not extended to me, nine or ten years of a
young man in the prime of life, to be industriously
applied to the good of the family of which he was
a member it too much of a sacrifise [sacrifice?] of his own
powers and energys [energies?] to do for himself, I think of
those things sometimes, as the Indian remarked nuf ced [enough said?]
I am well privileged with schools and sabbath schools
Times are pretty good here at present
but farmers rely more on stock [late?] years than
on the plow [plough?] sheep and cows for dairying
making cheese this year I calculate to keep
ten cows and two horses, I have rented some
meadow and pasture land joining my farm
I intend selling my place as soon as I can
find a purchaser to come to my terms, and
then I will buy a larger farm, I attend meeting
here in town, I had a letter from the Revd [Reverend?]
[Mr?] Ray of Buchnaw [Wm McC Wray, Buckna, Co Antrim?] stating my character
and standing as a member extending me the
privilege of uniting with any denomination
or church of christians to which I should feel
inclined to attach myself, this I have done
about a year since united with the Baptist
Church of Richfield, their doctrines are
much the same as the presbyterians [calvinistic?]
all the difference is in the ordinance of
Baptism the baptists observe this ordinance
in accordance with christ and the apostles
namely by Immersion of the person on profession
of their faith, this I hope is not bringing any
strange doctrine to your ears, I have examined
the scriptures on this point to my satisfaction
and has come to the conclusion that this mode
is in accordance with scripture, in observance
of the ordinance as delivered to us by command
and precept, not an instance can I find on record
in the word of god of baptism being administered
to unconsious children neither can I find
sprinkling called baptism either by [?]
or example hence the conclusion that I arrived
at - on being present some two weeks since
at the baptism of a young man and young
lady while they were in the water a young
man from near Belfast said to me Gamble
this would be thought a singular matter in
Belfast or B-mena [Ballymena?] said I friend this no doubt
is true but there are things transpiring in
belfast and visinity [vicinity?] appear very
strange to an American namely persons being
converted and uniting with churches in
which they held a place as members of
christs Mystical body for years, true said he
why is this said I the reason is obvious
they are catechised and all the requirements
of the law, held up to be observed but the
more essential doctrine of regeneration is
not called for or made a [test?] of christianity
Brother John made me a visit about a week
since he is well and his family are also well
he informed me that the Revd [Reverend?] Mr Magill from [Kenbally,
Co Antrim?] of cleveland had made you a call when in
Ireland I am not acquainted with that gentleman
neither was I aware of his going to Ireland
much less of his calling to see any of me relations
[Lester?] M'Ilwain and family are all well
after reading your last letter I was some what
disappointed in not finding one word on the
revival that was then so prevalent in that part
of the country we ought all to have an in intrest [interest?]
in the things that pertain to our everlasting happiness
and rejoice to see the prosperity of christs kingdom
In conclusion I would say in the first place
to my Mother her prayers and advise [advice?] I hope
has been much thought of by me and to my
brothers and sisters I hope you will make her
few remaining days as comfortable as you can
and may God bless you all is the prayer of one
who never expects to see you in this world
I remain your affectionate Brother
Gamble Crawford