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Title: R. Anderson, Indiana to W. Anderson, Lisnamuck.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, Robert/35
SenderAnderson, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginIndiana, USA
DestinationLisnamuck, Ireland
RecipientAnderson Family
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and sibling
SourceD 1859/11: Presented by Dr. J. T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County< Down, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012084
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by B.W. 20:12:1993
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TranscriptDear Brother and Sister and Family, I once
more take up my pen to write a few lines to you to
inform you of our health at present which
is good hoping if those lines reaches your length
that the [they?] will find you all enjoying the same
blessing ase [as?] he loves us likewise my to [two?]
sones [sons?] John and Thomas if yet alive that those
lines will [----?] them enjoying good health But I must
informe [inform?] you of the deth [death?] of your Brother
Joseph Hiram [?] our second son he took ill on the 12 of
December and died the 7 day of January 1853 he went to
his bed ase [as?] well ase [as?] usual and during the night
he got awak [awake?] and spake [spoke?] to his mother and
said that his eye was sore his mother got up and examined
it and found it sweld [swollen?] then in a few days it began
to swell under his face and we thought it wase [was?] nothing
but a bite and got the doctor to opin [open?] it but
there was nothing in it but ded [dead?] flesh and it still
cep [kept?] swelling more and then it commenced to fall
out in holes one after another untill [until?] his hol
[whole?] cheek wase [was?] et [eaten?] of [off?] before he died
we were wiling [willing?] that god would take him to himself
ase [as?] we have good warnt [?] frome [from?] the scriptures
that of such is the kindom [kingdom?] of haven [heaven?] the
last question he answered his mother that he had a soul that could never
die I received a leter [letter?] from Brother David and
yours along with it on the 16 of December which
I wase [was?] glad to see and to here [hear?] that you were
all well and that you had received the money
without any trouble wase [was?] a gret [great?] concern to me
Dear Brother you steted [stated?] in your leter that the
too [two?] Johns wase [was?] talking of seting [setting?] out
to america this spring and that Tomy [Tommy?] did not say much
about it if he is conten [content?] to stay I have know [no?]
objections only to take him should a little
in this country ase [as?] the way of pronounsing
[pronouncing?] and spelling is some diffarent [different?] from
Ireland that is all if the too [two?] Johns sets out or Thomas
thinks best to

come along with them I think if the [they?] are sperd
[spared?] to reach our length that it will bee [be?] a friendly
shake hands I would like to have a letter from
you before the [they?] would set out and you another
frome [from?] me ase [as?] I might be able to send you some
beter [better?] directions than I can at preasant [present?]
the steem [steam?] cars runs from knew york [New York?]
to within three miles and a half of our house at this present
time if the boys dont think of stoping [stopping?] in new york
[New York?] or philadelphia [Philadelphia?] which ever the
[they?] sail four [for?] I will try to either send them money out there
or pey [pay?] ther [there?] fair [fare?] in Mushigan
[Michigan?] city to fetch them out here it will not be as
good out here this summer ase [as?] last for making
money on a count [account?] that the railroad is nerly
[nearly?] finished last summer a labouring man could ern
[earn?] one doller [dollar?] a day and bord [board?] if a young
man can fall in to work in new york [New York?] or
philadelphia [Philadelphia?] he can do beter [better?] than he can
in a country place until he gets money to by [buy?] land but dont
[don't?] think that I make these stetments [statements?] to keep
you from coming out to me