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Title: Robert and Elizabeth [Anderson?], [Ohio?], to their family.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, Robert/38
SenderAnderson, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOhio?, USA
DestinationLisnamuck, Ireland
RecipientAnderson Family
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and sibling
SourceD 1859/13: Presented by Dr. J. T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County< Down, Ireland.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9012086
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count991
Transcript31 1854 Plesent Township December the (sic)

Deer [Dear?] Brother And sisters and my too [two?]
sones [sons?] John and Thomas I now take up
my pen to writ [write?] a few lines to you to let you
know that we are all well at present hoping
that if these lines reaches your length that
the [they?] will find you all in the same stat [state?] of
health ase [as?] the [-ei-?] us I received a letter from
Brother David a few days ago which informed
us that the [they?] were all well I sent [?] a letter to you
on the eight [eighth?] of april last to informe [inform?] you of me
sending 10 pounds of money to bee [be?] used ase [as?] you
thought proper but I herd [heard?] in a letter that
you sent to Brother David that you had
received a check for 10 pounds but did not
know who it wase [was?] frome [from?] nor what to doo [do?] a
bout [about?] it my letter wase [was?] put into the office
the same day that the check wase [was?] so that
I thought the [they?] would both come to
hand about one time and that Hugh
Hearns wase [was?] going to start to america [America?] last
sumer [summer?] I thought that would been a good chance
for the Boys to a get out with him ase [as?] he was
coming to Philadelphia if none of the Boys
hase [has?] started before you received this letter
or if the [they?] have any thoughts of starting next
spring I want you to encorige [encourage?] them all you
can to set out and you help them to the bets [best?]
and I will send them help the rest of the
mot [month?] and I will pey [pay?] you all you lay out for
them if I live in the insid [inside?] of one year ase [as?]
I know that the [they?] can do better here than there
a labouring man last summer had from
six shilings [shillings?] to a dollar and quarter per day
then you can make investimet [investment?] of your days
wages with ours I think if the Boys thought
ase [as?] much a bout [about?] there [their?] own welfaire
[welfare?] as I do the [they?] would think more of coming to
me I would give a good del [deal?] to have a shake hands with
them I bought myself one hundred and 20
acers [acres?] of more land on the twenty fourth
day of november last for twelve hundred
dollars I peyed [paid?] fourhundred [four hundred?] and fifty
one dollars down then I have it in to [two?] yearly pey
ments [payments?] one in november for 1855 and one in nov
ember 1856 then I will have two hundred and 40 acers [acres?]

and that is more than I can farm myself and I would like John
and Thomas tocome out and help us ase [as?] I think the [they?]
will do well for themselves and me both ase [as?] I will have
to hire help and I would rather pay you ase [as?] a
strenger [stranger?] you can make more here in one month
than you can in six months ther [there?] a common
schoolteacher her [here?] this winter hase [has?] thirty
dollars a mongth [month?] 22 days for a mongth [month?] and a
girl that can teach school in summer hase [has?] from two
and a half to three dollars a week I would like
to know if your sone [son?] John is going to be a preacher
of the gospel ase [as?] your letter stated that he was
then teaching school in dunigall [Donegal?] or if he
hase [has?] any thoughts of coming to america or any of
the rest of our friends times hase [has?] been beter
[better?] here for the last two years than the [they?] have
been for some time espechy [especially?] for farmers grain
sold higher here than it has for some time where I sold her
[here?] last fall for one Dollar and sixty cents corn 50
cents Potatos [Potatoes?] for six shilings [shillings?]
Butter from 1 s [shilling?] to too [two?] shilings
[shillings?] per pound I sold 9 hundred weight
of pork for five dollars a hundred that is high
for pork here I salted down about 17 hundred
for our own use ase [as?] we use more here than
farmers do in irland [Ireland?] people her [here?] that is
industress [industrious?] can enjoy the fruit of ther
[their?] labour my tax this year wase [was?] only 10 dollars
we have 23 hed [head?] of cattle two hed [head?] of horses
and 10 sheep if those lines come to hand I would lik [like?]
you would rit [write?] to me and let us know how you
are all geting [getting?] along and what the Boys
intends to doo [do?] as iam [I am?] very unesy [uneasy?] about
them when you rit [write?] direct to Robert Anderson
[---------?] Post Office Porter County
[--------?] Me all four in sending our love to
Brother William and family to sister
Elisabeth and family to sister Lana [?] and
family to Cousin Samuel and family to cousin
Joseph and family to aunt [-----?] and to cousin
Pane and also to William Moor if aliv [alive?] and to
all enquiring friends out ase [as?] soon ase [as?] those
lines comes to hand and let us know what the Boys intends to
do if the [they?] start before I have an opertunity
[opportunity?] of writing to you
again I will give them some directions iff [if?] the [they?]
sail for here you to direct them to some of the [their?]

old neighbours and the [they?] will get them to agree for the
imagration [immigration?] car to Mushigan [Michigan?]
[----?] that is 28 miles from us
then you stop and tak [take?] the cars running to [-----?]
station that is six miles further
yours Robert and Elisabeth