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Title: Thomas Anderson, Indiana, [U.S.], to Anderson Family [Ireland]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, Thomas/15
SenderAnderson, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginIndiana, USA
RecipientAnderson Family
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipnephew and cousin
SourceD1859/19: Presented by Dr J. T. Anderson, Banbridge, County Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9408128
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1409
TranscriptIndiana April the 10th 1888

Dear uncle and aunt and cussins [cousins?]
with Respect I now take up my pen to address
a few lines to let you know that we are all in
good health at present Which we ought all to be
thankful to the most high and Bestowen of all blessings
Which we all enjoy at present and for the time
to come that is What none of us can tell What
is to befall us We have all had our health as
good as Ever we have had since We left you
and if ever those few lines earns your [lienth?] I
trust [we?] Will find you all in the Enjoyement [enjoyment?]
of good health for that is my worst Wish to anny [any?]
of you for it is no more not my duty to think
about your welfare Dear uncle you have done a
great deal for me when I Was with you and I
have never forgot it yet nor I trust to god I never
Will while I live I dont [don't] know whither [whether?] I shall
Ever see you all again or not I can not say for certain
Whither [whether?] or not But it is not [----?] I would be
well enough enclined [inclined?] to pay you a vissit [visit?] yet
Cussion [cousin?] Alexander and me may go and see you all yet
for we are always taking abought [about?] going back When
We get to geather [together?] I Would like to know [----] [---]
to come with us When we go back if you know pleas [please?] let us
know in your next letter I should not be surprised if it is
cussion [cousin?] Jane Mc[-ty--] or Martha Jane Comming
When [they?] hear of their cussion [cousin?] Melilda Pimoks
having got married I think it would be no Wonder
the [they?] would be thinking abought [about?] themselves it is
more likely the next I hear of will be [-----] I would like Jane
and Mary Jane to write me a letter.
We received the letter that aunt Hannah sent to
Alexander on the 26th of March Which Wase [was?] dated
the 1 of March it informed us that you Were all Well in our
old Country at that time With the exception of aunt Elisabeth
being sick the most part of the Winter Which We Were
sorry to hear of anything Being the matter of [---]
I hope When this letter reaches your [lingth?]
that it Will find her and all of you in the Enjoyment
of good health Dear uncle the letter that you sent to
John and I and Elisa We were very glad to see it I read it over
and over again for I always think that your letter [letters?]
are so good that I Must Read them We received it in
october [October?] I have forgot What day it is so long since
I would [----] before this time But on account of Alexander
[writing?] to his mother I thought it would be an [idea?]
for us both to Write at once I hope you Will Not think it
is Because I sent [----] to Write But [I?] just think it is
because I am a Bad Writter and I know my letters is [are?]
not of much account When you do get them But it is the best I
can do Dear uncle if I could Wright a Letter like yours
I Would not think mush [much?] of sitting down to rite [write?]
We have had no letters from him since the 1 of January I wrote a
letter to uncle David at the same time that Alexander wrote to his
Mother but I have got no answer the [they?] were all Well and
in good health at that time I have Bean [been?] Weating [Waiting?]
for a letter this long time But I gess [guess?] He has not got
my letter or he Would [have?] Wrote [written?] to me.
Alexander is [going] to Work he lives a few miles up from Where
We live He was down on the last sabeth [Sabbath?] of March for to go
to [meeting?] With us it Was our Comunion [communion?] sabeth
[Sabbath?] we have all joined the Presbyterian Church as Members.
We are going to try and [---] god for the time to come as near as We
can and quit work [----] our sabbeth [Sabbath?] school Begins on
[next?] sabbeth [Sabbath?] for to last all summer it is near us We
can go in about 10 minets [minutes?] to the school house I am busy
ploughing now We have not [got?] our oats grown yet It is best in
the spring Before We can get to ploughing on account of the bad Winters
but we Will have them Reaped Before you after all they grow so
mush [much?] quicker hear [here?] than in Ireland. We have had
a very Pleasant winter last winter it Was not half as hard as
the Winter Before We had pretty good sleighing While the snow
lasted but the cold takes away all the pleasure the winters are
[a?] lot colder [than?] in Ireland and the summers Warmer The
summers can bring all the sweat out that the winter freezes
Wheat this spring looks Well for a good crop if nothing else
happings [happens?] if you think the [there?] are hard times
hear [here?] but the [they?] are not so [much?] very bad luck
hear [here?] The [there?] have bean [been?] pretty hard times
in the large sitties [citys?] for the [there?] are so many
stops their [there?] that We can not all get employed and it
is pretty hard to [----] the faluer [failure?] of banks did stop
commerce for farmers but the [they?] are getting some Better
We have a nough [enough?] to eat [as?] yet and appels [apples?]
to [-----] if you all come over again Halloween you can
have all the apels [apples?] you Want to eat if the [they?]
grow good this season We have of our old appels yet since
last summer Dear uncle you Must a had a great time When
you had your Election by the news you sent to us in your
letter on account of your name being Miss understood
[misunderstood?] & how it Would make you feel bad When
the [they?] Would not Except of your not for all to [g----?]
Dear uncle I suppose Alexander mentioned When he Wrote
abought [about?] us sending our likeness home to you We was
determined to send them now but John and Elisa
Ensisted [insisted?] on us to Wait until the [they?] would get
theirs and little Roberts took and then send them all togeather
[together?] so as you Will have them to look at if We now get to go back
Markets is so lo [low?] it is hardly Worth mentioning that Wheat
is Worth abought [about?] 75 cents a Bushel oats 20 cents a
Bushel Corn 50 cents a Bushel Pork abought [about?] 12 a
hundred Butter 16 a pound and for Eggs We can have all We want
to eat for the [they?] are as low as 5 cents a dossin [dozen?]
that is all I have to say at present for now the [they?] are
more nor What has [-----] to father and Mother wishes me to
send their Best Respects to you all John and Elisa also sends
their kind desire to you all Alexander sends his love to you
all and likewise to his mother for writing so soon. My Brothers
& sisters send their love Especially William [Hector?] to his
uncle William Anderson I send my kind love to you uncle
and aunt and cussions [cousins?] to aunt Hannah and family
to aunt Elisabeth and family and to uncle Alexander adams
and family Pleas [please?] let him know that we are all Well
I am sorry for my Neglect to him it Was Not intended for me
Not to mention him with the [rest?] I send my love to all
the reast [rest?] of my friends and old Neighbours. And to
all enquirers if I have forgot anything in my letter it was
not my intention I finished [finish?] my letter With Candle
light and Now is time to get to bed so good night to those
at present But Remain yours Respectfuly [respectfully?]
Thomas Anderson