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Title: J. Cunningham, Belfast, to J. Cunningham, En Route to Boston.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCunningham, John/51
SenderCunningham, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
Destinationen route to Boston
RecipientCunningham, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1108/A/12: Purchased From Mr E Hall, 16 Oldroad West, Gravesend, Kent.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9505142
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TranscriptTo: John [Cunningham, Belfast?]
From: John Cunningham

Belfast 23d Septr [September?] 1795
Dear John

I have now given you a letter to Ar [Arthur?]
Kennedy, with the Articles of partnership
made out agreeable to my desire for you
& him to perfect so soon as you get to
Baltimore & that he can get a Settlement
made of the buiseness [business?] he has been doing
in the Period, to ascertain his Capital, wch [which?]
it will be necessary for to do before you
& him begin on the Company acct [account?]
I trust you will both be satisfied
with one another, & that you & him
will work agreeably to each others
hands without wch [which?] neither of you
can expect to be living at ease or
Comfortable, wch [which?] is a principal thing
in all partnerships & without it
little good will arise either to yourselves
or those who Imploys [Employs?] you to do
their buiseness [business?], & if it should at any time
happen that a disagreement or difference
arises between you I beg you
may at once part amicably, wch [which?]
I have taken Care the articles of yr [your?]
partnership provides for, its much
better for you both to do so than
live in the least way uneasy one with
another, wch [which?] I sincerly [sincerely?] hope for the sake
of you both never will be the Case during
the time you Intended to be together, &
it will hurt me much to hear or
know of a misunderstanding between
you, & when such (if ever it does) arise
between you, I request you will not at
this time say more of
Mr Kennedy than this, that I have
every reason to believe & think he
will Conform to anything I recommend
& point out for his good, & I am Certain
he will in the present buiseness [business?] &
Connection I have formed with you
for him as a partner, & I flatter myself
you will find him agreeable in
every thing - you will be very carefull [careful?]
to keep an exact set of books &
to ballance [balance?] them once a year & each
of you sign them, this at once shows
What & how you are doing, & it is
necessary each of you sends home a
sketch of said settlement to yr [your?] friends
here for their satidfaction in case of
accident to either of you [-----?]
You have my letter to him with you open
wch [which?] you can persue, as I think no secrets
shd [should?] subsist betwixt him, & I, on yr [your?]
buiseness [business?] or the agreement made, & I request
you will at same time you hand it
to him, hand him this to you, to
read & persue in like manners, that
you may both be on a proper fair &
honourable understanding with one another
this is my wish of all things, & my best
wishes is for yr [your?] Mutual Success & happiness
wch [which?] is all I have to say on that Subject not
doubting but you will both make every
proper, & no Improper use of it -
You will observe that all goods
such as linens & that I am Concerned in
is in general Insured to pay seperate [separate?]
average, & in Case of Dammage [Damage?] at any
time they shd [should?] be sold for acct [account?] of the
underwriters, taking care to send proper
papers to recover of them, & a regular
Certificate what profit such goods
wd [would?] have brot [brought?] had they gone
safe to hand, this attend to all times
particularly, if you go through Phila [Philadelphia?] on
yr [your?] way from Boston to Baltimore
Call on Mr Henry henderson & get the Linens by
the Schooner Mary forwarded to B:More [Baltimore?]
& have them examined that thier [there?] is no sort
of Dammage [Damage?], in case it so happens have
them Surveyed & Sold for acct [account?] of the
underwrs [underwriters?] or if the [they?] get dammage
[damaged?] on the Passage to Baltimore have the Same done
if you found good Markets in Phila [Philadelphia?] you
shd [should?] stay there & Cortrespond with Mr Kennedy
about the Property of [----------------?]
before you have it, & advise him such prices
as you can yet, & payments for the
Same, & if he & you deem prudent to make
[?] in Phila [Philadelphia?] you can do it, wishing
You a pleasant Passage
& very agreeable happiness &
Success I am yours Sincerly [Sincerely?]
John Cunningham

whem you go to Phila [Philadelphia?] if the Schooner Mary is
not arrived with the Linens you Shd [Should?] Insure
a profit on them if you deem it prudent
provided you can get it done on moderate
terms, the whole amts [amounts?] to about 2500 &