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Title: Sam Cunningham, [Martinique?], to John Cunningham, Belfast
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCunningham, Sam/50
SenderCunningham, Sam
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMartinique, Antilles, Caribbean Sea
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCunningham, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1108/A/7: Purchased From Mr Edward Hall, 16 Oldroad West, Gravesend, Kent, [England?].
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9507153
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptTo: John Cunningham?, Belfast, [Ireland?]

From: [?] June 22d 1795

My Dear Brother:
I have just finished all our letters
to go by these two conveyances and must beg
pardon for leaving yours to the last I w[oul?]d now enter
into a detail of the hardships and misfortunes
we as well as all others who have property in
this Country have been and are still likely to
undergo for some time to come, but really time
will not afford it, as I am now on duty in
Fort Edward and a good deal fatigued I have
no doubt if you apply to Messrs C: Greg [?]: Batt
or John Boyle & Co they will show you some
parts of our letters of 16th Inst and this [?]
which go by this conveyance and will give you
a full account of matters in this part of the
world. and by next opportunity should no
accident happen you may depend on having
half from me, before which I probably may
determine if I leave this Country or the first
August to visit your part or not till of late it
was our determination that either Mr Gordon
or I Wd [would?] go home, but we have met with such
so far from the Capture of Saint Lucia and the
destruction of Grenada and St. Vincents on our
[?] [?] and [?] that at this moment as
you will [------------------------------?] Batt
& Co[mpany?] we can not [--------------------?]

In my last I mentioned being much
pleased at the idea of your going to America for
a Mercht [merchant?] it is in my opinion the first Country
in the world particularly young Men such as
you who have any one at home to support them
and should the connection with Mr Kennedy
not take place and that you don't think of
settling in England or Ireland I have no doubt
but our friends Messrs W:C: J:C: or some other will
point one out, in which you may be assured
of every assistance I can give you should in the
mean time [saw?] unlucky that not end my
days and if nothing is determined on sooner
I will assist should it so happen that I came
home in the August fleet, indeed I wish I never
had seen this Country and that it had been my
lott [lot?] to have begun business in America, in which
in my opinion Baltimore is the first and most
thriving place after that Philadelphia [say?] [west?]
to you which will be in the cause of three or four
weeks at farthest will be [were?] full, and till
you hear my determination your writing me
again in this Country is unnecessary and have
only to say go on my D[ea?]r Brother as you have
begun - give my love to William and James
the former is [-?]turally smart and I hope
attentive and [-------------?] have the
pleasure [------------------?] young man
by the hand, I shall [------?] fatigues of war
I have lately and still [---------?] going in this
Country, which does not very well suit my
Some of our Belfast friends no doubt
continue to speak hard of G: & Co [Company?] and blaim [blame?]
them for their losses and disappointments and they
may do so, it is impossible for us to prevent
we have been unfortunate by the war and the late
disturbances in this Country its very true, but
the fault was not ours it rested with Ministers
in not sending out a sufficient force to protect
the Colonies upon the whole I consider ourselves
very fortunate, particularly the House of SC: & Co [Compan?]y
which have come off as well, if not better than
any other in the Island of Saint Lucia considering
the immense quantity of business they did there
since its Capture its now near two months
since I removed all the property it was possible
to [secure?] from Saint Lucia, and have been till
within these few days almost ever since in St. Vts [Saint
Vincents?] where in case this Island is not attacked I shall
return in a few days, but as this Island is the
strangest and [?] [?] resource should they land
here I will once more enter a volunteer with
the Army and see it out for what is life worth
if we are to lose our own and friends property
that I have [--------------?]untry
particularly -----------?] from America
You [---?] enough if this
reaches you safe to present my love to my Father
Mother and friends as well as best wishes to
the friends hoping none of you may ever know
what the horrors of war are, altho [although?] to do them
justice here tho [though?] the villains are victorious here
they are not wanton in comitting [committing?] acts of Barbarity
no doubt some of you have wrote me of late but we
are in such a dreadful and cruel state of
warfare in this Country and every thing in
such confusion that I have not yet got any of
our letters by the last three Packets arrived here
no man was left at Saint Lucia the others
I believe are at Barbados in our letter of the 16th Inst
to Messrs Greg & Batt per the La Blanche should you
happen to see any part of it you will find
matters represented as they really were on that
day with much truth I ever am
My Dear Brother
Your most secure friend
Sam Cunningham

duplicate of this per ship Mary
via Liverpool that sails with
the La Blanche