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Title: [Arthur Dobbs?], [Carrickfergus?] to [?] [Cox?]: April 1751.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDobbs, Arthur/3
SenderDobbs, Arthur
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCarrickfergus, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD162/52: Presented by Major A.F. Dobbs, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. Per Mr A.E. Dobbs. #TYPE LET [Arthur Dobbs?], [Carrickfergus?] to [?] [Cox?]: April 1751
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911071
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
Log20:11:1989 LT created 06:07:1990 CD input 09:07:19
Word Count853
TranscriptCopy to Rowan
Dr Sr [Sir?] [Cox?]
This I hope will be delivered to you by Mr Robert Milhouse
who with Mr Saml [Samuel?] Wyly and their Families and several other of
my tenants in the [?]ane and their neighbours and friends go to settle in
north Carolina and have freighted a ship from Dublin to land them in
Cape Fear River at Brunswyck [Brunswick?] it is to them and their associates
that I have disposd [disposed?] of one of the 12500 Tracts or 2 half tracts
in the great survey No 2: & No 5 at £500 or one penny p [per?] acre
for ever free from quit [rent?] to Lady Day 1755, and I and
my son have joynd [joined?] Mr Robert Milhous with you in a letter of
Attorney; with a 2d power, as [agreed?] with you, according to the
Instructions mentioned therin, [therein?] and such further instructions as
shall for the future be sent to you, as you will find it for
your Interest to send to you to Impower [empower?] you to sell or [set?]
the other tracts to best advantage according to their report of
the country you may expect a further Trade to be opend [opened?]
from hence & the north of Ireland, and therefore hope
you will befriend them and assist them in their
settlement and advise them for the best -
They want to have it in their option to settle on my lands
on the Black River and take that as so much of the
12500 acres, I have agreed with them [for?], paying the Quit Rent
from the time they enter into it, as they are yet strangers
how far they are from Planters if they settle on Pedee,
so that if they agree upon that I give you power to give
them possession of it as you have already a power from me
to act in disposing that Grant, their reason for
desiring it arose from your letter to
me acquainting me that a woman
had been killed in my Lands by an
Indian so that until they arrive
there they cant tell how far it
may be safe for them to settle at
Pedee till more Planters fix in
their neighbourhood. I have
given Mr Milhouse the instructions to
settle the [weavings?] according to
the Patents around both my great
Tracts and have given him a
Chart from the description in
the several Patents how they
ly[lie?] in useful to each other and
if any one disposd [disposed?] off [of?] you
must let me know whether I am to send over the
Patents from hence for the use of the Purchaser,
I purchased a tract
in the great Tract No 4
from Mr Smith for a debt
due to me which he could not
otherwise discharge which patent I have
sent over by Mr Saml [Samuel?] Wyly and
joynd [joined?] him with Mr Milhouse in the letter of Attorney
to dispose of it for me according to the Instructions in the
power given to them as it was detached from the grand
Tracts I would not give you the trouble of disposing of
it such a distance from you. I still live in hopes
of visiting you in Carolina and hope if I keep my health
of fixing my affairs here with my son, so as to carry over my 2d
[second?] son with me by which time my friend Milhouse will have
lodge built wherein I can stay when I go over till I am
better provided of a house I have not heard from you since
you wrote to me you had got several letters by yr [your?]
nephew Rowan since which I wrote to you via Liverpool
acquainting you of the death of yr [your?] Bro [Brother?] Rowan near
Frathfryland [Rathfriland?] who left his family with very little support
his widow has since gone to Dromore into one of the Houses there for
Clergymens widows. I hope by Mr Milhouse's going over he
will take of [off?] much of the trouble you have had with
my affairs, but hope you will give him all the assistance
and your best advice as he can dispose of nothing without
your concurrence and as he will be upon the spot
he will have an opportunity of Receiving Proposals and
acquainting you with them for your concurrance [concurrence?] in order to
dispose of them according to the Powers granted to you. I find
from England that by the [?] and divisions in the
ministry the american affairs are much neglected and as
great alterations are daily expected none knows where to
apply until people are again fixd [fixed?], as I hope soon a Trade
will be opend [opened?] from Cape Fear to Ireland our correspondence
will become more regular for at present I find most of
our Letters miscarry. - I hope Bob Rowan has remembered
my catalogue of Trees seeds &c. I have sent another by Sam Wyly
I wish you and yrs [yours?] all Happiness and am Dr [Dear?] Sr [Sir?]
yr [your?] [most?] obligd [obliged?] & obedt [obedient?]
Humble Servt [Servant?]