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Title: Hugh Donnan, Co. Down to John Donnan, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDonnan, Hugh/99
SenderDonnan, Hugh
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCahard, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientDonnan, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2795/5/1/3: Presented by Mrs. Chas. Donnan, Cahard,Ballynahinch, Co. Down
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9707040
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count706
TranscriptCahard, July the 28th 1848

Dear Son, I feel great pleasure in stating to you
that we received your letter with great joy on
the 21 July as your Mother and I Returned from
Belfast market it was shortely [shortly?] arived
[arrived?] when we got it by Mr Wilson. That
Evening the Rev. Mr. Graham spoke in our meeting
house concerning the State of the Jews
expounded the 11th Chapter of the Prophet Isaiah
I then went home with speed to read your letter which
gave us great comfort to know that you had a safe
passage And good health. I Allso [also?] find that
you have Agreed with a Respectable Farmer in that
Countrey [Country?]. I hope you will serve your
Master Faithfully not with Eye service as men please
but with singleness of heart Fearing god this
is my advice. Allyways [Always?] remembering that
a good servant is most likely to get a good Master
I would like to know what Family your Master
has if Any And also something of his mode of
Labour what kind of Cattle and grain. The
Evening after we Received your Letter Robert
Kelly his misteress [mistress?] and his Mother uncle John
Patterson and Aunt John Donnan And misteress [mistress?]
Mrs. Donnan Robert Withers Alex Hogg drank tea
with us. Withers is going to Dublin Hennery [Henry?]
Oswal [Oswald?] teaches in his place no Deaths
near us but Ann [Potter?] who died the night before
I wrote this Mr James Thomson Ballydian has
a young Daughter our Turnips is missed sowed
twise [twice?] still missed some has them as good as
Ever our potatos [potatoes?] looks well all in
full bloom we have tryed [tried?] them not large
but we find none bad as yet our Corn looks
mideling [middling?] well in general onely
[only?] dry land or high land is thin the
season has ben [been?] dry for the
most part Except some showers we had in this month
we Expect an early harvest corn meal and Butter is
very cheap Cattle of every kind very cheap
no money can be made we have all our turf home
this month July The Revd [Reverend?] Robert [McEwen?]
sends his kindeness [kindness?] to you hoping that in some
future time he may send a few lines to you his
sacrament is the second Sabath [Sabbath?] of
August William Melvill died July the 27.
I may also state Rebellion in Ireland seems to
increase we learn from the Protestant Journal that
20 thousand stand of arms has ben [been?] purchased
and brought to Dublin cost about œ10,000 allso [also?]
a great dale [deal?] of Amunition [Ammunition?] and
pikes is prepared we hear that they Asemble
[Assemble?] in different parts of the Kingdom
some so near us as the Cave hill of Belfast how soon
the outbreak will be we can not tell one thing
we know that if god permit there [their?] designes [designs?]
to be [Favoured?] into Effect it will not end well there was
a letter came from John Oswal [Oswald?] the same time yours
came dos [does?] not say what he is emlyed
[employed?] at nor what wages but took him 9 days
to reach his brother From New York it was reported
that [shan?] [Sean?] [mageen?] was turned out of the ship
down the Laugh [Lough?] and went to Liverpool would like
to know Also how your vituling [vitualling?] did you. I now
remeber [remember?] my worthy friend your Unkle
[Uncle?] Thomas hoping soon to hear of his Recovery
of health And if spared will expect a long and
Beautiful Letter from him at some future time
likewise all your cussons [cousins?] not
Forgetting our respective Friend Frances Donnan
I may say your Mothers wishes you to see your
Unkle [Uncle?] as often as possible while he
is Poorly in health she allso [also?] sends
her kind love to you and your Unkle [Uncle?]
Hugh and Thomas sends their kind love to you
Likewise Belinah Elisa and Margaret [--?]. I must
conclude now by saying to you in the words
of Solomon My son forget not my law but
let thine heart keep my commandments for
length of days and long life and pease [peace?]
shall they add to thee

Proverbs 3 and [1?]

I Remain your Affectionect [affectionate?]
Father Hugh Donnan