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Title: Jane Doran, Ballintur, [Co Down?] to William [Doran?], [U.S.A.?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDoran, Jane/47
SenderDoran, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallintur, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientDoran, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDocument Presented by & Copyright Retained by Sharon DoranTurnbow, 6321 Roosevelt St., Coloma M1 49038 616 849 0240.Sharon@parrett.net or info@sandcastlescottages.com
ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
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TranscriptBallintur [Co Down?], March 30th 1870

Dear Brother
i take the pleasure of
writing these few lines to you trusting
to find you in good health
as we are all in at present.
Thank god for it we are
getting along pretty well we
have the seaweed all cut
father is getting along with the
labour pretty well we will
be [working?] in the pottatoes [potatoes?]
this week we have to work
very hard father is kept very
busy with the labour and drawing
stones (sic) the new church, i supose [suppose?] you
herd [heard?] of it it is going to be built
on caroelins hill Dear brother
I supose [suppose?] you herd [heard?] of father
O neil writing to George brennan
he spoke this morning from the altar
of having a letter from him he
said he sent 5 pounds to him
and that there was a few other
irish men going to send some
to [too?] it would delight one to listen
to father O neil this morning to
hear the praise he gave him
My father gave £5 [pounds?] towards it that
is as much as any of the rest of
the big farmers are giving from
that down to one father got the
paper you sent him you are
getting very carless [careless?] in riting
[writing?] i must say you must rite [write?]
often as it is the only pleasure we
may expect for a while to [until?]
we have the pleasure of seeing
yourself as you say, you will
be home in a few years we
were glad to think that you
would come in that time
hope you won't forget there
is a letter from Peter Sloan
he is in Orlanes [New Orleans?] with my uncle
henry he said he had a
leter [letter?] from you a fortnight
before he rote [wrote?] and that
you said you would go
to him the next fall
dear brother i think you
are doing pretty well where
you are there is no account
from barney or William
magee this long time We don't
know what to think of them
there is no account from aunt
marys [Mary's?] boys yet dear brother father
and mother is well brother and
sisters also Aunt bridget the [they?]
all join in sending their
kind love to you accept
the same from me i have
nothing more particular
to say at this time from
your loving sister to health

Jane Doran
Good evening Willy
and God take care
of you rite [write?] soon
excuse my riting [writing?]

(Transcribed by Tony Flanagan.)