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Title: [?], Ballintur, Co Down, to "Dear Son".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDoran, Jane/71
SenderDoran, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallintur, Co. Down, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDocument Presented by & Copyright Retained by Sharon DoranTurnbow, 6321 Roosevelt St., Coloma MI 49038, 616 849 0240.Sharon@parrett.net or info@sandcastlescottages.com
ArchiveCentre For Migration Studies
Doc. No.111060
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Doc. TypeLTE
LogDocument added by LT, Td by Michael McKnight, 25:1
Word Count357
TranscriptBallintur January 18 1897

Dear Son I take the
pleasure in sending you these
few lines hoping to find
you all well as this
leaves us at present
thank God.
I had a letter from you
a few weeks ago and
see by it you enlarged
your farm is the farm
you Bought Convenient
to your own i see Mary
Burke Come to see yous
I supose [suppose?] you hardly knew
his you have a good
deal of corn on hands
potatoes this year is selling
at 30 shillings a ton and
26 the [they?] were a pretty
good crop oats is selling
at 3 and sixpence and 4 and
9 pence a hundred and
hay a [at?] 1 shilling and sixepen
[sixpence?] and 2 shillings a hundred
flax is about 4 shillings
a stone horses is a poor
price you could get
a good horse for 12 pounds
and sheep is very cheap
15 to 16 shillings Barney Magee [Magee's?]
son Willy is joined the Nevy [Navy?]
his Dipo [Depot?] is Southampton England
he was at home for Xmas he looks well
It would rais [raise?] a good
deal of cash if prices
wer [were?] as good as the [they?] were
some time ago. Well in
regards to Bellenedden [Ballyneddan?]
there was 14 and a half
tons of potatoes and prices
wer[were?] so poor in the beginning
of the season we sold only
a few tons of our own
we held them on to March
thinking prices would get
better but the [they?] fell every
day and we had to
sell at 15 shillings a ton
and about april the [they?] wer [were?]
seven pence a hundred
i got settled for
the land in Bellenedden [Ballyneddan?]
and after all expences is
paid there is 84 pounds
in Bank last year i [I?]
sowed clover and grass
seed in the field under
the roads it will be for
hay or graising [grazing?] this year
we will be letting
Bellenedden [Ballyneddan?]land in a few
days for another year if
we can i haven't sold any
hay yet if you
want any money that is
heare [here?] you can have it
any time

(Transcribed by Michael McKnight.)