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Title: Extract From One of the Drennan Letters, 1776-1819.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDrennan, William/30
SenderDrennan, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdoctor
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SourceT765/1/24: Obtained From Mrs. Duffin, Summerhill, Mount Pleasant, Belfast
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
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Transcript... Don't you expect that I shall combate [combat?]
your American hint with all Sisterly affection & did you not
drop it on purpose. I have viewed and review'd [reviewed?]
it as I do every scheme for you as thus - he goes to America,
if it is with a design of settling there for life or that
tho' [though?] that was not his plan at first yet if I cou'd
[could?] suppose it wd. [would?] come to that, cou'd [could?]
his obtaining thousands recompence [recompense?] me for the
loss of my Brother, if he cou'd [could?] be happy remov'd
[removed?] forever from those he at present Loves, wou'd
[would?] it not be by new connections I can only allow it by
a Wife & Children & to these must I be a stranger or perhaps
see them in the decline of Life when you might, with dirty
unavailing cash revisit your Country to mourn over its
alterations, whh. [which?] to you must be melancholy ones, &
wondering how all yr [your?] promised enjoyments were
vanish'd [vanished?] try in vain to recover, not one moment
shou'd [should?] I hesitate in my choice if I had it in my
power to determine whether you were to be settled in Ireland
upon £200 a year, or in America on as many thousands, or as
many as you cd. [could?] name but as this is a selfish
perhaps it is a wrong opinion I hope my happiness & yrs
[yours?] will never be very distant. Let us hear what Dr.
Scott has to say for America in way of Physick [medicine?],
he is very inteligent [intelligent?] & you stand high in his
opinion - if you were serious in the thought of America & was
[were?] to go there I wd. [would?] certainly advise some of it
I will give you -
in the first place it is impossible for any Man let
his abilities or reputation be ever so great, to practise
physick [medicine?] in America without keeping an Apothacarys
[Apothecarys?] Shop it has been once or twice try'd [tried?]
by superior spirits but always failed, & to the meerest
drudgery of this he must submit, untill [until?] practise &
fortune allow him to keep another man for the purpose for
still he must have th [the?] Shop while he has a patient not
receiving fees as they do here, there the charge is all upon
the medicine, unless the attendance had been extraordinary &
then it is put in the Bill & like other debts often very
bad especially from the lower sort.
Degrees, abilities, Educn. [Education?] &c is not of any
consequence, & seldome [seldom?] inquired [enquired?] into,
a robust constitution, a tolerable share of impudence &
indefatigale [indefatigable?] attention without any
unfortunate accident will secure you success in America what
this will amount to you will judge by what Scot with great
openess told me of his affairs. He went out with the
Governor of Annapolis & by his means got immediatly
[immediately?] into an acquaintance with the best people
there, but by degrees gain'd [gained?] them as patients after
the course of Shop-drudgery &c - however the first year he
made œ300 currency a young man there being at little expense
for horses as the sociable temper of the people is such that
he need seldom eat at his own expence [expense?] - after this
Scots business increasing & having got an employment he found
it necessary to take a Partner in his Physical trade 7 the
year he left America upon settling their books they had made
œ3000 currency that is about œ150 ster. [sterling?] he still
thinks he cou'd be of great use to any young Man who wd.
[would?] go to his part of it. he desires I might present his
compts. [compliments?] to you & look'd [looked?] & spoke as
if he wish'd [wished?] to serve you....