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Title: Adam Duffin, to Charles & Adam Duffin, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDuffin, Adam/167
SenderDuffin, Adam
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbankrupt businessman
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientDuffin, Charles and Adam
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1252/19: Presented by Miss Duffin, Mount Pleasant, Stranmillis, Belfast. #TYPE LET Adam Duffin, Tullymore Cottage to Charles & Adam Duffin, Belfast, 11 July 1833.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9001050
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count738
TranscriptMr Charles Duffin

Charles & Adam Duffin, July 11 1833.

My dear boys
It will not doubt be the cause of much concern & vexation to
learn of my present encumbered situation, & to see my name in the papers as
a Bankrupt - This is truly distressing to me & my dear little family here,
yet [in?] reflection & viewing my conduct through life I derive some
consolation in knowing that this state of circumstances was not brought on
by any dissipation extravagant living or idle habits - Bankruptcy is a
matter of daily occurence [occurrence?] among the best of people, & of those
who enjoyed ample fortunes - But we have it mentioned in holy writ " that
riches sometimes make wings & [flee?] away" I am realy [really?] now an
Instance of this, as few, very few of my station in this country, were so
independent as my self - my dear Boys that you may avoid the rocks &
quicksand by which I have been wrecked I have to tell you that I used my pen
too freely in the way of bail which I hope in your progress through Life you
never will do - I also was too indolent in recovering debts throughout the
country which I never recovered - your Brother Williams failure conduced
greatly, to my misfortune - the poor fellow (with the kindest heart in the
world) by not looking to himself and trusting to the honesty of a deceitful
world, spent a handsome fortune, and my consenting to the sale of
[Rosidernot?] in a great degree diminished my [substance?] fortune - However
notwithstanding all my present encumbrances I have not given up to despair
as when I look around me I see many in a more calamitous situation, and
trusting in almighty goodness I hope a short time will bring round a better
state of things - [for?] you know by the [alwise?] visitation of good
suffered a hundred times more both in [person?] and property than I have,
yet maintained his integrity and his latter days with gods blessing was
happy & prosperous and his family & property increased two fold - these
visitation and crosses are sent us for the best purposes if we view them as
we ought - It proves how unstable and fleeting the things of this life
are and ought to show the necessity of the first object of this life
should be to prepare for a happy and glorious eternity - finaly [finally?]
on this head my dear Boys shun the company of those who mock at & despise
religion, and be uniform in stricly [strictly?] observing the duties of the
Sabbath day - It gives me most sincere pleasure to think & beleve [believe?]
that your conduct in this respect has been hitherto exemplary - and also
that in your business situation you are so much approved of, and I trust you
will persevere in the honest and faithful discharge of all matters & things
to which you may entrusted through life - I have great consolation in having
the advice and assistance of your good Mother, and affectionate regard of
your kind sister both uniting their services to make our [lot?] as easy as
possible, and with economy & care to turn all things to the best advantage
- my becoming a Bankrupt will not reflect [dishonour?] on either myself or
family, as my conduct throughout I trust will be such, as no impartial
person can make an inviduous [invidious?] remark, or say I have acted a
roguish or dishonest part - I hope my children cannot reproach me with not
having done my duty towards them you my dear boys not having the prospect of
m[?] property from me yet not being deficient in your [?] I hope will make
your way as well as others in affluent circumstances - everything both
inside and outside the house was sold & bought in by your good Brother
Robert your uncle John & Thomas Birnie & now that no other debt or
encumbrance can disturb us we feel more at ease & contentment than for some
time past - Mr Grimshaw will pay Mrs Irwin half a years Board of Adam, also
Marshae & Junning Accts [Accountants?] and now my dear Boys in conclusion I
have only to recommend you to the almighties [almighty's?] protection, and
that you will under all circumstances find in me an affectionate father
Adam Duffin