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Title: M. C. Dunbar, Co Tyrone to B Smyth, Co Tyrone
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDunbar, Mary/77
SenderDunbar, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Bella
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge
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Transcript[Front of envelope]

Miss B Smyth

[No Stamp]

[Page 1]

My Dear Bella
I suppose if I did not write to you
you never would think
worth your while to
write to me.
Well I am that sort
of person that Although
I dont write I never
forget my friends.
Somehow I have been
thinking of you all

[Page 2]
lately so I just thought
I would scribble you off
Another of my epistles.
To begin with I may
tell you I am at the
present moment sitting
up with wee pigs how
I wish you were here I
have no one but my-
-self [myself?] we would talk over
old times. They were pigged
Saturday night & after Annie
went to bed last night
About 2 o clock when
mother got up she was
lying on one of the biggest

[Page 3]
so we are a bit [timorous?]
now we had 14 at first.
I think if I remember Liza
was the best hand with
the wee pigs in your house.
I do trust dear Bella
you have all been enjoying
Good health since I
heard from you last.
Thankful to say we are
all feeling pretty well I
think I am the worst
suffering from old stumps
of teeth which I am soon
to have extracted I believe &
the sooner the better.
One of the bullocks in the
winter-time when I was giving

[Page 4]
his mash to him struck me
with its horn right on my
front teeth smashed one so I
must-get-it-out for it is
a show half broken.
I suppose you's [sic] are very
busy with the crop. we have
All the flax in the dams &
will be spreading I believe
this week we had a splendid
crop 2 acres & 1/2. Jerry set it
nearly all & mind you it is
no easy matter to get hands
about Newtown [Newtownstewart?]
we had 8 [pullers?] & our own men
& gave them all (1 1/4d and 1/2 a
farthing) nearly the 1/2 per [perch?]
so some of them had more & some less.
Any how we got it pulled in

[Page 5]
good time. I dont know how
some people will get one [on?]
this year as the hands are so dear.
3/- a day dinner & tea or
even 2/- soon runs away
with the profit.
I think Jerry will buy a
reaper this week as our
corn is nearly ripe so we
will have all to turn out
then but it will be the
quickest means this year.
it is nice for yous [sic] there
are so many of you to help.
We are pretty far on with
the labour as Jerry intends
building a bit to the barn
about 20 feet or so & they

[Page 6]
have been kept very busy.
We would have had it done
only the mason who has taken
the contract went after his
last job & got drunk & has
been drinking since now it is
a month he is at it so we
dont want him for another
month now till the work is
finished we heard today some
good person gave him 1/2 pint
turpentine for whiskey & he drank
the half of it poor man before he
knew so the police had to take
him & get the doctor so I am
sure he has a warm inside.
Dear Bella what about your cousin
is [has?]he gone to China it was cruel
you never brought him down to see us.

[Page 7]
& we would have been so glad
really, I thought you would
& I never set eyes on you at
Bundoran that is a fact. &
indeed I was sort of bored
that day as I did not want
to go & would not only for Annie
she never had been there. &
she enjoyed it very much. I
must say I did not. there
was something a wanting [missing?]. I
know you were all right [alright?] so
you did not mind. & then the
disappointment of not getting in
the first train waiting so long.
& starting without breakfast I
may say was sickening. I did
enjoy a sail which we had
out on the sea best of any. I
would have liked to see you & your cousin

[Page 8]
and when I seen [sic] Willie & John
There was sure to be some body [somebody?]
with me. And sure I seen [sic]
Andy Ballantine & had a (hand
shake) but I wanted no more.
Was Andy McClelland not there
poor Andy do you mind the boots
Is Alex & Miss James [Spooney?]
yet be sure you give me
all the news. soon & sudden
& about the Campbells' & all is
Bella at Plumbridge. & how your own Mary
is liking her work. she will
get on well I hope I seen Mr &
Miss Mc Farland Druminsapr [Drumnaspar?]
down in the friends house Mrs Jacks
down Mill St. One Monday I was getting
fitted for a blouse as the Miss Jacks are
dressmakers. Annie was wanting him in to

[Page 9]
the room & speak to me she told
me afterwards & he wouldn't come
he was so bashful he said he was
only speaking about once or twice
to me.
Now my dear wont you tell
dear Tilda that I send my
love to her & she will come down
with you's [sic] when Mary takes her
holidays for a big long day. till
sometime in the night if we are spared
D.V. [God Willing?] We will be so glad to
see you one & all I well know & indeed I thought
on her about the 12th of July she felt
badly poor Willie I can think I see
him with his flute. mind & tell her
all & kind regards to Jamie. Did Joe come
over to see Tilda at the fairs. Such a lot
of Scotch people were over I have got
two invites over there but I am afraid
I will remain where I am this year.

[Page 10]
We had a splendid turn-out of Orange
men on the Sermon Sunday our Church was
crowded you's [sic] ought
to have come down the Hall
is not finished yet although
they have the flag waving outside
Mr Morton proposed they should buy a
Bible for the hall with the collection money.
So I suppose they will.
Mary has her examination on Thursday
the 16th this month so then for
her holidays I hope they will do
well with her I have a begonia plant
for you when I see you I have a lovely
flower now on my rice plant. did yours
live & I hope my fern is alive.
Now dear Bella I must finish
up with fond love to Mother Father,
Willie Tom John Willie John Liza Mary,
& your dear self hoping to hear from you
very soon your true friend

[Written sideways at top of Page 1]

eggs 8 1/2
to day [today?].
creamery paid
today & we were
very good I mean the
test & money. we
have 1£ half a crown
average for each
cows milk for the
month. so that
is good. your
Country should get
up a creamery.
burn this old scrawl
I am getting sleepy

Transcribed by Greg Floyd