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Title: Thomas Armstrong, Ballinamallard, to Christopher Armstrong
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileArmstrong, Thomas/65
SenderArmstrong, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallinamallard, Co. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientArmstrong, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2125/7/6: PRONI Exhibition.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9406163
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TranscriptParties: Thomas Armstrong,
[Christopher Armstrong]


Ballinamallard, October 28th 1849

Der [Dear?] Brother I take op [up?] miy [my?] pen to rite [write?]
A few lins [lines?] to you hoping to finde [find?] you in good helth
[health?] as this leves [leaves?] me and us all in the perusent
[present?] thankes [thanks?] be to god for all his mies [mercy?] to
us I wante [want?] to lete [let?] you now [know?] that we had sum
[some?] hard trils [trials?] sinz [since?] you left hom [home?] and
the worst of them all was the Deth [Death?] of our der [dear?] frend
[friend?] Margret [Margaret?] Armstrong as we mith [might?] say the
mother of us all we regretet [regretted?] the Deth [Death?] of John
Lidy ver [very?] much buth [but?] it was nothing to her Deth
[Death?] She died in Juliy [July?] the 25th 1849 She onely [only?]
Lay for 7 or 8 day till Lefte [left?] this worl [world?] of Sin and
trobl [trouble?] on Sundy [Sunday?] nite [night?] at 10 o'cloke
[o'clock?] as we mite [might?] Say it was a Soroweful [sorrowful?]
our [hour?] to us all mary ane [Mary Anne?] was onely [only?] risin
[rising?] outh [out?] of the fever at that time and miy [my?] father
the sem [same?] he lay for 6 or 7 wekes [weeks?] and I hade [had?]
no person takin [taking?] Cer [care?] of him onely [only?] miy
[my?] self margret [Margaret?] kim [came?] down over nite [night?]
to se [see?] him and he poth [putt?] it oer [over?] him with greate
[great?] Deficuelty [difficulty?] and he seys [says?] he has bete
[better?] helth [health?] now than he had befor [before?] he Lay
down Devid [David?] wants him to go to live with him now I wod
[would?] rather stay with him as long as he wood [would?] live onely
[only?] I think that Devid [David?] woad [would?] be kind a nof
[enough?] to him and he wood [would?] alow [allow?] me to go to
America and I think of [if?] I was ther [there?] that I cood
[could?] do beter [better?] for him and miy [my?] self than I cood
[could?] do ate [at?] home for I am onely [only?] losen [losing?]
miy [my?] time a bouth [about?] Ballinamallard I wood [would?] have
wenth [went?] outh [out?] this [------?] a nely [only?] for the
times living out of a bad a genst [against?] us and of [if?] you or
Robert wood [would?] send me a five pounds he for spring I mite
[might?] be abel [able?] to reples [replace?] it to yous agen
[again?] Devet [David?] and family all well and Alreand
[Alexander?] iz [is?] ebe [able?] to helpe [help?] him in the mill &
rite [write?] well now miy [my?] father I wiches [wishes?] yous
wood [would?] send word how mary is Doing for he is un nesy
[uneasy?] to her [hear?] from hoir [her?] Mery [Mary?] Anne sends
hor [her?] love to yous all in the kindes [kindest?] maner
[manner?] makets [markets?] her [here?] is porty [pretty?] rasonabe
[reasonable?] the mel [meal?] 30s. 5d. shilens [shillings?] per
barel [barrel?] potedos [potatoes?] forom [from?] for [four?] pens
[pence?] to 6 per ston [stone?] the a going the sem [same?] as the
winter befor [before?] one ly [only?] not so fast Aer [Dear?]
Christopher rite [write?] as soon as this coms [comes?] to hand the
Deths [Deaths?] her [here?] is not so great as this wer [were?]
befor [before?] this John gonz [joins?] me in ritin [writing?] a
few lins [lines?] to Alxander [Alexander?] I nomor [no more?] at
present but remens [remains?] your aftonet [affectionate?] Brother
to Deth [Death?] Thomas Armstrong