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Title: Ellen Dunlop, Ontario, to Rev. Alex. Kirkpatrick, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDunlop, Ellen/10
SenderDunlop, Ellen
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientRev. Alexander Kirkpatrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1424/11B/1/1: Purchased from John A. Gamble, 44 Taunton Ave., Belfast 15. #TYPE EMG Ellen Dunlop at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, to Rev. Alexander Kirkpatrick, Craigs Rectory, Co. Antrim, 7 March 1896.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9003026
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Log15:03:1990 NHL created 28:11:1990 AMCM input 06:12
Word Count356
TranscriptReverend Alexr [Alexander?] Kirkpatrick
Craigs Rectory
March 7 1896.

My dear Alex,
I received the list of names
you asked for in your last letter
- Henry who keeps all the records
sent it to me last week - I send
it as it came, but with the additional
names he was without
- those marked X were gone, all
most all in their Infancy - yet
those spared are growing up
fast into young men & women
I need not feel ashamed of the
daily knowledge, of going the
down hill of life
I have had no letter since yours
telling of babys Birth altho' [although?] each
in turn have Anna Bessie & Kate
being my [turn?] I may hear this
week - such a [lot?] of us to write to I
never expect, till my turn, it has
been so kind of dear [?] & each
of our cousins so faithfully carrying
out our dear Aunts place - I feel
the kind attention very much I
assure you - how happy you and
Alicia will feel having your little
son - so healthy and well - a great
blessing - I hope the dear Mother is
strong enough to continue nursing
him - I hope soon she will give me
her description and opinion of
baby - I hope to hear that all at
Hazelbank are quite well - Charlie
mentioned Georges & Geraldines visit
to him as having enjoyed it very
much - it is good for Charlie to see
some of his own - he is so completely
in the English set - poor fellow he
has been ill - I wonder if his native
climate would be good for him as
Canada, this has been a strange
winter so far & little snow - it will
be interesting to watch the close of
such a changing season as we have had
I shall not add too much
to the already large letter &
weight -
Give my love all at Hazelbank
also [Alicia?] who
I hope to hear
from in time
Believe me dear
Alex your
affectionate cousin
Ellen Dunlop
A small [piece?] more remains to send you
again [cf.?]

Great Grand
Stewart Family
1816 to 1876
Thomas Alex Stewart of Wilmont,and
Frances Browne, daughter of Revd [Reverend?] Francis Browne,
were married 17th December 1816.
1st. Anna Maria Stewart born 12th September 1817
2nd. Ellinor Susannah Stewart born 10th October 1819
3rd. Elizabeth Augusta Stewart born 22nd November 1821
4th. Elizabeth Lydia Stewart born 13th December 1823
5th. William Stewart born 31st July 1825 X
6th. Francis Thomas Stewart born 9th February 1827
7th. John Stewart born 15th October 1828
8th. Geo [George?] AlexanderStewart born 26th August 1830
9th. Chas [Charles?] Edward Stewart born 8th January 1833
10th. Henry Louis Stewart born 19th December 1834
11th. Catherine Mary Stewart born 1st January 1837
Thomas Hay and Anna Maria Stewart were Married at Auburn, Down, 21st Nov.
1st James, born 25th December 1844 X
2nd Frances Stewart born 23rd August 1846
3rd Margaret Christine born 20th December 1847 X
4th Thomas Alexander born 14th August 1849
5th Anna Maria born 7th October 1851
6 & 7 Twin daughters born 1st February 1853 X
8th John Patrick born 27th September 1856 X
X Barbara Eleanor Elizabeth Jane.
Andrew Charles Dunlop and Ellinor Susannah Stewart were married at Auburn
25th February 1845.
1st Mary Ann born 14th February 1846
2nd Fanny born 29th December 1847 X
3rd Charles Andrew Durham born 28th December 1848 X
4th Francis [Cashurn?] born 17th December 1850 X
Edward Wilson Brown and Elizabeth Lydia Stewart were married at Auburn
24th of May 1848.
1st A Son born 5th September 1851 X
2 & 3 Edward J. & Thomas A. Stewart born 24th December 1852
4rd Francis born 6th August 1855
5th Roland born 13th July 1858
6th Hannah Frances Louise born 3rd December 1860
William Stewart and Louisa H. Mc Nabb were married at Peterboro' 31st July
1st Thomas Alexander born 2nd August 1852
2nd Amelia Louise born 29th September 1854 X
3rd John Mc Nabb born 26th December 1855
4th Francis Elizabeth born 14th July 1858
5th Anna Maria born 5th September 1860
6th Keneth Robert born 1st February 1863
7th William born 17th March 1865
Francis Thomas Stewart and Joan Brown were married at Glenburn near Co[?]y
24th of May 1854.
1st William Brown born 25th February 1855
2nd Margaret born 14th August 1856 X
3rd Alexander Thomas born 21st August 1857 X
John Stewart and Anna Johnson were married 24th May 1854.
1st Mary Cunningham born 19th March 1855
2nd Thomas Alexander born 27th July 1856
3rd Frances Brown born 18th July 1859
4th & 5th Elizabeth & Edward born 23rd October 1861
6th William Francis born 4th May 1864
7th Angus Moodie born 13th April 1867
8th [Euphinna?] born 24th July 1869
9th Robert Brown born 5th July 1872
10th J[?]et Louisa a yankee born 11th September 1875
George Alexander Stewart and Cecilia [Traid?] were married at Port Hope,
26th August 1856.
1st Walter Francis born 17th July 1857
2nd Helen Louisa born 2nd June 1859
3rd Louis Beaufort born 27th January 1861
4th Arthur Rothwell born 20th December 1859 X
5th Cecil George born 18th October 1863
Married second Frances McCormack
6th Frances
7th Frederick William
8th Grace [Croft?] born 18th October 1875
Charles Edward Stewart and Charlotte Ellis were married at Southwold,
Suffolk, England, 9th August 1860.
1st Hannah Mary Charlotte born 11th September 1861
2nd Caroleen Luxford born 18th December 1863
3rd Frances Ellinor Beaufort
4th Henry Elliot
5th John
6th Charlotte Emily }
7th Sara Elliot } born 17th March 1872
8th Charles Alexander }
9th Katherine Janet [Hay?] born 1st July 1873
Henry Louis Stewart - and Georgina Dunbar [Innes?] were married at Grafton
July 3rd 1861.
1st Charles Dembar born 24th April 1862
2nd Florence Georgina born 24th February 1864
3rd A son. X
4th D'arcy Louis born 15th March 1868
Married second, Caroline Ma[shias?]
5th Alicia Alexandra Mary born 9th February 1874
6th A son. born 17th November 1875
Cashleen Mary Stewart and Robert A. Brown were married at Auburn Novr.
[November?] 4 1856
1st Frances born 15th July 1857
2nd Jessie Margaret born 23rd December 1859
3rd Edward Herbert born 24th December 1861
4th Cecil Arthur born 16th November 1863
5th Helen born 1st January 1866
6th Percy born 5th March 1869
7th Sarah E[?]l born 26th March 1873