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Title: Ellen Dunlop, Ontario, to Rev George Kirkpatrick, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDunlop, Ellen/31
SenderDunlop, Ellen
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientRev. George Kirkpatrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1424/11B: Purchased From John A. Gamble, 44 Taunton Avenue, Belfast 15. #TYPE EMG E. Dunlop at Peterboro [Peterborough?], Ontario, to Rev.[Reverend?] George Kirkpatrick, [Hazelbank?], County Antrim, 29 October 1888.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9003037
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Revd [Reverend?] Geor [George?] Kirkpatrick
Hazilbank [Hazelbank?]
Co Antrim

Peterboro' [Peterborough?]

Octr [October?] 29 1888

My dear Uncle George
I would have acknowledged
the safty [safety?] of your valuable package
of old letters last mail, but
they came too late - now I thank you
for them, & the trouble you had - as well
as I fear the trial of giving up such
valued old relics, so long cared for
& treasured up - they have been a
great help - as there were blanks filled
up in my MS. I hope to get the old letters
you mentioned giving Mrs Kinkins
about the address given to Mr S Kirkpatrick,
we were all there at the time -
the procession came up to the house,
Papa & his boys heading it - I asked
Mrs J D[?]toan to ask her sister for
the original - one copy for me - now I
wish you to let me know if you are
my cousins wish me to return these
I would only wish for them if they
were not valued here after - I have
a great number - Mrs Noble sent me
some when her son was coming
out - she mentioned, Mr Waller, who
may have some however I do not
know where Willie Waller is, - as I
once knew him by name -
How wonderful your power to attend
Church & assist in the service on Sundays - the
addition will be very nice, when finished - I love to think
of the little Craigs Church that I attended
so regularly & the [?] Uncle
who preached in it so beautifully - I
still have the texts you preached
from every Sunday in a pocket
book I had at the time, & after
look back - with the greatest pleasure
& with gratitude to you & my dear
Aunt for the kindness I received
so patient with all the need there was
about myself & child to be comp[?]
I wish to consult you or Alexander
if I could gain some help about the MS. I am
working from, these letters, I am leaving out all the
[?]assing expressions, - merely the
thread of interest running through
about the advance of the settlement
& the family incidents, so well
& graphically told, so true to life -
- but shall I mention the name of
each correspondent she addresses
such a [as?] Miss Beaufort - Mrs Waller
Miss Wilson - Mrs Kirkpatrick - I wish
to know this particularly - I am
doing all this for my Mother's children
Grandchildren, & Great G-[Grand?]children -
it will be of great interest - I have
a friend who is willing to help me
Mr Houstain son of our friend G[?]
Houstain, our great friend - Arnold H-
has given me the [?] his enquiries
& finds I am get it published in Toronto
at a very easy price - within our [?]
of publishing - should I get 60
subscribers it would cost cash about
$1-25 - Arnold Houstain read the
first part I have ready & wishes
much I should give it to the public - this I
have not thought about - there is nothing personal
in any part - only our own selves,
& even that I have only named
each by the Initial - A - B - & E
&c &c - it is all on my own shoulders
I feel the want of advise - he also
said to add much by appendix
as many as I like - so will put our
fathers short R[eign?] - also our mothers
curtailed from what Alexr [Alexander?] & Charlie
made out, through Mrs Traill says
"I should put all in - but it would be
a volm [volume?] in itself - If Alexr [Alexander?] would tell
me what to do about these questions
I would feel it a great Kindness - when
ready for publishing - I will send
circulars - round & see who would
like to take a volm [volume?] & how many -
in this way, would know how
many to order - I will pay the
first expenses & then receive
the price paid from each subscriber
- my brother sisters & others have
already given their names & [?]
they will take - but it is not nearly
ready yet - there is a great deal for
my judgement, - & time for it, all
I sent you a Peterboro [Peterborough?] Review last
week you will see Mr Bradshaws
"farewell" to his congregation
mentioned - all feel it very much,
but hope he will return in
improved health, in the spring
- it is strange Mr B[ee?]h is laid
up also - he has had two Paralitic [Paralytic?]
attacks - is now unable to walk
without assistance - poor man -
after preaching one Sunday evening,
came home up to his own
door - when he fell down powerless
and speechless - his Dr [doctor?] says the
next attack will be the last - the
clergyman who has been his
assistant - stutters so badly, all
complain greatly - he is a
"woman hater", & speaks in such
a way against the society of Peterboro' [Peterborough?]
I hear this from members of
the congregation -
My letters have been very steady
dear Uncle lately - I hope not
too often to try your patience - you
are so kind to write to us poor
far away people -
You can have no idea how
touching it is to me reading the
old old times letters, written
in the days of my thoughtless
childhood - yet I remember
the circumstances - & how often
I saw my mother read her
Home letters & weep, as if her
heart would break - yet her
letters were written in
such a briliant [brilliant?] tone - of hope
contentment - & gratitude to God
for her blessings which many
would call crosses -
Your good sight astonishes me - I
use pretty strong glasses - when
feeling weak - & poorly I find my
sight worse -
I love to get your "blessing"
dear Uncle it is worth much - &
trust the blessing given by such
a Christian friend, maybe largely
received by one very much worthy -
I am glad to say - All my dear
ones are well - Anna suffers
from rhumiatism [rheumatism?], as usual
the weather has been very wet
- the past summer too dry - an
injury to all crops was feared at
first, however the result has
been better - Bessie was poorly for a
while - but is better - her grandchildren
are increasing - her eldest son
Stewart had a fine son lately
but the mother has not recovered
as well as we would like -
George is still in his mountain
home, among the Boch[ies?]
he has four children in Toronto
Walter in the Agriculture & Arts Association
- Louis in the University
School of Practical Science
"Nellie" married to A. Denison - &
[?] W in the Dominon [Dominion?] Bank
he is Georges oldest son of the
second family
Henry on his Prairie farm - &
John in the states, he has four
children married & doing well in
the states - we are so scattered -
Kate has been very anxious about Helen - Maxtual has been
very unhealthy - so she send Helen into the country to
try change of air - "Robert" is keeping himself in the same
place, her boys keep her in comforts
& are excelent [excellent?] young men
I had no [?]
to [?]ift into
such a long
letter - forgive
me, giving
you so much
trouble dear
Uncle -
Give my love
to each member
of your family
all my cousins
Believe me
as ever
your fondly attached
E L Dunlop