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Title: Thomas Armstrong, Co. Monaghan, to Elizabeth Corbett, Ontario.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileArmstrong, Thomas (1)/80
SenderArmstrong, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprob. retired farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Monaghan, Ireland
DestinationBelleville, Ontario, Canada
RecipientCorbett (n. Armstrong), Elizabeth Jane
Recipient Genderfemale
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ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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Transcript[Letter written to Elizabeth Jane Armstrong (Corbett)
in Belleville, Ontario, Canada by her father Thomas
Armstrong from Millbrook, Lisegerton, Co. Monaghan
in 1880?]

My Dear Eliza
I must tell you a bout [about?] some of
your old nabors [neighbours?] the Mackdonalds [McDonalds?]
lives close by us theare [they are?] all well alsoe [also?]
Kings family are well Charles [-----?] is dead theare
[there?] is none of the girls mared [married?] yeat [yet?]
nor none of the Ebrons theare [they are?] all well We
weare [were?] glad to heare [hear?] from Mises [Mrs?]
Larster and Charley be pleses [pleased?] to remember
us to them o how glad we would be to see them. Uncle
george is dead the girls is mared [married?] and doing
well. Well I must tell you that Josephs address is
Lapeer Michigan write to him he is all the one that
writes to us I will give you Johns and Williams adress
[address?] in the next [letter?] we are living in a nice
plase [place?] but very dear the times has bene [been?]
very bad heare [here?] for the last 2 years our crop is
better this year but money is very carve [scarce?] with
us at present. I had a paper from Joseph Thursday he is
a good child to us he sends us some money now and again
you may tele [tell?] Mises [Mrs?] Larster that dn [Daniel?]
Macqinad is till [still?] living. Your dear mother sister
and brother joins in sending theare [their?] love to you
and dear husband and children.
Thomas Armstrong

My Dear Eliza
We are both geating [getting?] old. I am
in my 72 year and your mother somthing [something?] younger
so you se [see?] that you will not have us long to write to.
Write when you geat [get?] this letter and I will answer
you a gran [grand?] letter. Bell could read it like
print hoe [she?] is 18 tean [eighteen years?] past she
is a good daughter and a clever girl of her age quite
like you and that is not a bad liknes [likeness?]. I
think you take well. Still I beleve [believe?] that you
got a good loving husband and if you take after your
mother are good to him and you cannot be to [too?] good.
I was also glad to heare [hear?] uncle William being well
and family please remember us to them allso [also?] to
uncles Henary [Henry?] and Margaret and tell him that we
sympathize with him.
[continued down side of next page?]
love for hear and dont forget the one thing [---?]
[----?] Write soon. Henary [Henry?] might write a fue
[few?] lines to us and I would answer.