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Title: Ada C. Edgar, Birmingham, Michigan, to "Dear Annie".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileEdgar, Ada C/28
SenderEdgar, Ada C.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBirmingham, Michigan, USA
DestinationPontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Anne
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 OSA.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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NoteNée Burns. N.B. she struggles with money and child-rearing, husband Thomas left one day while drunk, left to look for work somewhere else; landed in Glasgow, Scotland, and stayed there for at least a year; he wanted Ada to come to him but she'd rather stay in America. When she finally made arrangements to leave for Glasgow, the baby got sick. Thomas still wanted to stay in Scotland.
TranscriptMiss Annie Weir.
Mich. [Michigan?]

Mich. [Michigan?]
June 21st 90.

Dear Annie.
I received your
kind and ever welcome
letter to-day. I am able to
be [around?] although I am
not strong baby is real
well. My dear Annie I have
very sad news to tell you
a week ago last Wednesday
Thomas went away and
I have not heard from
him since I did not know
where he went until last
Thursday, I had a letter from
his brother in Pittsburg Pa [Pennsylvania?]
saying he was in that city
John had not seen him
but Thomas had been to
a place where he used to board
when he was there before.
I tell you Annie it was
a hard blow on one for
him to disappear so suddenly
he left me with very little
money, I don't know what he
could have thinking of (sic). Of course
you know he had been
drinking that day when you
were there, he took to drinking
the day baby was born and
was around the house for ten
days before he went away
under the influence of drink.
Bella was to see us the next
Tuesday after you were there
he was nearly sobered up
when she was there but took
to it again as soon as she
was gone. I tell you Annie
I am as unhappy now
as I was happy when
you were in (sic) I had all
the confidence in the world
in Thomas but when
drink is in him he is
as crazy as can be by spells,
I think he did not realize
what he was doing when
he went away. I know
he never done it intentionally
he thought to [too?] much by his
home it seems to me for to
do such a thing he had
[pleasured?] so much for our dear
little darling. I hope and
trust in God that he will
either write or come back.
Dear Annie you know
how happy we were, you
know we thought there was
no one's happiness equal
to ours but the happiness
is blighted now the tempter
was at his elbow it seems,
I got up the next Monday
after you were in. Mrs
Fitzpatrick got mad and
left the next Sunday after you
were there. I wrote to his
brother in Pittsburgh and
told them Thomas had gone
away. I wrote to Bob and
Rob and Hattie came in
a week ago to-day. But was
sick and could not come
they made me come to B-ham [Birmingham?]
Dear Annie I dont want
you to think that I think
you are a flirt for I know
you are not, don't get married
to any man untill [until?] you are
suited. I had a good husband
he was to [too?] good and it makes
the trouble harder to bear to
think of the change there has
been in the last three weeks
if you can come to B-ham [Birmingham?]
some time next week and
I will tell you more than
I care to write for if I don't
write it, it won't tell no
tales as letters sometime
get mislaid. I was to Detroit (sic)
to-day and I got your letter
I will stop writing
to-night and finish to-morrow.
I am very sleepy and tired
the folks have all gone
out to-night and I am
alone. Bob lives in the house
right back of Wm [William?] Robinson
Sunday Morning.
Dear Annie I will finish
my letter this morning. I
am feeling quite well so
is baby. I am going out home
Tuesday unless something
strange happens. Rob is going
home and I will go with
him, he is real good to me,
but dear Annie my heart
is nearly broken you don't
know how sorry I feel, Oh
the cursed drink has broken
the happy tier of our home
in Detroit but I hope and
trust in God that my dear
Thomas will try and make
me a home with him
somewhere. You know he told
you that I always looked
on the bright side of every
thing, if there was one to be
found, he went away and
told me he was going to
look for work as he had got
discharged where he did work
but his old boss told me that
he did not, or sent me word
rather. Rob and I are going
to Church over to the Baptist
Church this afternoon,
I got baby a little cloak and
cap yesterday in the city
dear Annie I hope you will
excuse such scribbling for
you must know I am very
nervous. My trouble is of the
last kind I should have
thought of coming everybody
was surprised around where
we lived when they saw him
coming in under the
influence of drink and still
more so when he went away
for they all thought he was
a joivel (sic), he never was out
no more than you saw when
you were in. I must close
hoping to hear from you
soon I remain your friend
forever Ada C. Edgar.
Address to Oxford Mich. [Michigan?]
Box 378 [?] J. Holten.

I tried to coax Thomas to let
the drink alone he would
say yes I'll stop tonight but he
did not know but he was saying
I told him to bring it in the house
and drink it if he was bound
to have it.
I had all
the patience
in the world
with him
and coaxed
him to leave
the cursed
drink alone
he told me
when he had
sobered up
when Bella
was there
he had spoiled
all our
planning for our
future happiness,
good by.
write soon.