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Title: Edith [?], Birmingham To Annie Weir, [?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderfemale
Sender OccupationSunday School teacher
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBirmingham, Michigan, USA
DestinationPontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Anne
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 OSA
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9906056
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 15:06:99.
Word Count429
TranscriptBirmingham Feb 23, 1892

Dear Anna:-
I have been a
long time as usual in answering
your most welcome letter.
I was so thankfull [thankful?] that you
escaped all injury at the fire
and hope by this time you
have recovered from all effects
[stained] [------?] P, and P visited
after noon and had a very
pleasant time and then Jennie
staid [stayed?] with me all night
and of course P enjoyed that,
Mr C's folks are well except
cold which seem to trouble
nearly every one now,
We were talking about you
and all thought it would
be just lovely if you would
come down and spend the
summer with Mrs Jackson
it will be hard work but
it will be a change for
you and I think be good
for you. You aught [ought?] to have
a rest from there. We would
also like to have you with
us again Oh how I wish
you would but I dont dare
to hope so, I dont know
whether you know Eva Render
of Southfield or not [she?]
lived about a mile and a
half from Mr Jacksons she
was buried to day. It is not
quite a year since [she?] was
Our Young People's Society has
bought some new singing books
for the church they
are the "Gospel Hymns No 6"
and then we have quite a
little money in the Treasury
yet so you see we are doing
a little some thing. Our
S. School [Sunday school?] is
growing we had seventy nine last
Sunday they are mostly children we
have seven classes now. How
I wish you were here again.
i suppose you know Mrs Will
Millar had a little girl
they brought it to church for the
first time last Sunday and
it was just as good as could be.
I should like to attend the
Sunday School Institute in
Pontiac but do not know as
I shall be able to do so.
Emily Adams is home and
her father thinks she is as
well as she ever was. I
hope she is she seems so
young to be insane. I don't
suppose Mrs Willits gets any
better does she? I see by the
paper that she was down home
not long ago, Mrs Aldrich has
been real miserable again
for a long time what a time
she does have doesnt she?
She is a little better at
present. I will close for the night
hoping this will find you
well as it leaves me. Please excuse
pencil and write soon
I remain your True friend